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Article: 4 essential accessories to have with you at all times to take care of your eyes

4 essential accessories to have with you at all times to take care of your eyes

Mascara, eye shadow, pencils, concealer, setting gel... There are many products and accessories to highlight your eyes in a natural or more pronounced way. Although it is difficult to have all the products with you, some are essential to always have in your bag for additional makeup or a little beauty touch-up! 

 Did you miss your alarm clock and didn't have time to put on makeup before leaving for work? Has your makeup caught the rain and no longer looks like anything? Do you have a last minute date or outing and your makeup needs a little sprucing up? We've all experienced a similar situation where it's nice to have the essentials for on-the-go makeup in your bag ! 

 Discover our selection of essential accessories , to keep with you at all times, to create a pretty improvised makeup look! 


The concealer

Ideal for hiding a tired look, concealer is an essential. In just a few seconds, it allows you to correct your skin and fade dark circles . Certain corrective products also help smooth the skin and erase small imperfections. It is the ideal solution to brighten your eyes and highlight your eyes in a natural way. In an emergency in the morning, if your night was short and you are late, or after a long day of work before going out to relax, it will be the perfect ally to make you look good in the blink of an eye! 

 Available in several tones, it adapts perfectly to your skin color, for a 100% natural effect and a lively and rested look! If you don't want to wear much or no makeup, it will naturally give you a radiant and luminous look . 



 It's a great classic, but tweezers are one of the essential accessories to keep with you at all times . Who has never discovered a terribly long, unruly and unsightly hair, just before an appointment, an interview or an important meeting? Yes, it always happens at the wrong time! 

 So, to fight against this rebellious hair that is ruining your life, you always carry luminous tweezers with you! Bright? Yes, our Stylbrow+® tweezers with light and brush are doubly practical thanks to their integrated light . The slightest hair is thus easily visible, making your hair removal much simpler and faster! This 3 in 1 tweezer also includes a brush, ideal for quickly brushing your eyebrows and ensuring a sublime look! 


Black mascara 

Treat yourself to an intense look and lengthened eyelashes with mascara!

More versatile, black mascara will be perfect for all occasions. Whether it's an interview, a meeting, a date or an evening with friends, this accessory will discreetly enhance your eyes. Easy to carry , it fits easily into a handbag, or even into a pants pocket! It is a safe bet and an essential part of any successful beauty routine. 

 Depending on the nature of your eyelashes, and the effect you want to give them, you can choose a curling, thickening or lengthening mascara . If you don't have time for more elaborate makeup or if you're looking for a discreet effect, mascara will be the ideal ally to highlight your eyes without spending 2 hours in the bathroom. A few seconds will be enough to open and enhance your eyes! 


The eyebrow pencil 

 As you know, today the trend is for marked, thick and well-defined eyebrows . To beautify them, we use numerous makeup products and accessories, such as the Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil . This essential make-up consists of 2 tips: the ultra-fine pencil, to perfectly draw and redefine your eyebrows , and a brush to blend the color . 

 With one stroke of the pencil, your look asserts itself and intensifies. Your eyes are thus highlighted and sublimated. Perfect for a little touch-up or for emergency makeup, the eyebrow pencil is one of the must-haves to keep with you and take anywhere! 

 Depending on your habits and uses, other accessories and beauty products can, of course, accompany you on a daily basis for quick and effective makeup! 


Don't have time to put on makeup every day? Permanent makeup may be the solution you need! Our professionals will assist you in choosing the areas to tattoo and in creating your permanent eyebrow makeup . By implanting colored pigments under the superficial layers of the skin, we create long-lasting makeup , which requires little maintenance and allows you to maintain a perfect look in all circumstances! 


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