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Article: How to protect your skin and eyes from the cold?

How to protect your skin and eyes from the cold?

That's it, winter is coming . The days are getting shorter, the sun is becoming more discreet and the cold is setting in... This time of year is particularly difficult for our skin. Indeed, the cold, rain and wind constitute numerous attacks on our skin and our eyes. How to protect yourself from it? What to do to protect your eyes from the cold? Discover all our beauty tips! 


Why is the skin more fragile in winter?

Dry skin, chapped lips, tightness... In winter, when the cold is here, it is not uncommon to notice that our skin is not in the best shape and to feel some discomfort. Indeed, under the effect of cold, its hydrolipidic film deteriorates and our skin is weakened. 

How it works ? The skin on our face already plays a protective role against external aggressions and helps maintain body temperature, among other things. It is made up of various layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. 

The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin, the one that is in direct contact with the outside and the one that can be touched. We find sebum, sweat, dead cells and water on the surface of the epidermis. This constitutes what is called the hydrolipidic film. It is also thanks to it that our skin remains supple, hydrated and protected from external micro-aggressions. 

 However, in winter, humidity, wind and cold are elements that alter the skin. Its sebum production is reduced and, consequently, the hydrolipidic film, weakened, no longer fulfills its role as a barrier. 


Why protect your skin? 

Weakened, the skin is dry and tight. Eyelash and eyebrow hairs may therefore be more fragile and fall out more easily. In winter, skin can also become dull and tired. [Jump back to line] For a luminous complexion and to take care of your eyelashes and eyebrows, you can opt for some solutions and tips to protect your skin from the cold and restore its vitality! 

 Beyond the aesthetic aspect, protecting your skin is important for reasons of comfort. No one likes chapped lips or tight skin, right? In addition, weakened and having lost its hydrolipidic film, the skin is more vulnerable to aggression. Redness, spots and other discomforts can appear when the epidermis is less protected! 


How to protect your eyes from the cold? 

 Due to the global pandemic, the mask has become an almost essential accessory in our daily lives. In winter, when it is cold, it has the advantage of protecting the lower part of our face and keeping us warm... But our eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows remain fully exposed to the cold, the wind, the rain and snow. Fortunately, there are some solutions and tips to protect them from all these little environmental attacks! 


Moisturize your skin 

Especially in winter, remember to moisturize your skin. Cream, serum, mist... We don't hesitate to use products adapted to your skin to help it face this season! Our hydrating and protective mist, thanks to its special formula, hydrates the skin and offers you additional protection against external aggressions and climatic variations. 


Use the right products 

 Since facial skin is dry, we favor eyebrow makeup products with an oily texture, which are more comfortable and more hydrating. They will help your skin to face winter. Likewise, treatments and masks used regularly will help your skin regain its radiance and softness! 


Protect and strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows

If we have eyelashes and eyebrows, it's not just to look pretty or to help us express our emotions! Yes, eyelashes and eyebrows act, above all, as a protective barrier. These hairs are there to protect our eyes, which are so fragile, from potential external aggressions and the climate. They help block and deflect sweat as well as raindrops and snow. The eyelashes act, for their part, particularly by preventing dust and other impurities from entering the eye. 

 In winter, between the cold, rain, snow and wind, we need our eyebrows and eyelashes even more to protect our eyes! It is therefore essential to protect them and provide them with the greatest care. For this, you can opt for our Revitabrow eyebrow conditioning treatment and the Revitalash eyelash conditioning treatment . Thanks to their exclusive and scientifically advanced technology, these treatments act on your hair by protecting it from the cold and other external aggressions which are more important and aggressive in winter. Healthier and stronger, your eyelashes and eyebrows are beautified and ready to survive all winter! 


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