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Article: Eyebrows: what are they for?

Eyebrows: what are they for?

We draw them, we pluck them, we take care of them… Our eyebrows are an important element of our face and are today totally integrated into our beauty routine. But, ultimately, why do we have eyebrows? What are they for us? L’Atelier du Sourcil explains everything to you! 

 Nowadays, most women want to have a beautiful eyebrow shape and beautify their eyes. Thus, waxing, pencil, mascara, and other eyebrow makeup techniques help us to obtain a beautiful look and perfectly shaped eyebrows. But beyond the aesthetic aspect, what are our eyebrows really for and why do we have them? 


Eyebrows protect our eyes 

As humans have evolved, body hair and especially facial hair have tended to diminish and disappear. Only the eyelashes and eyebrows remained on our face...and for good reason! 

 Indeed, the eyebrows can be likened to a barrier of hair that we have just above the eyes in order to protect them. Protruding on the arches, they act as filters and retain or deflect drops of sweat, rain, snow, sand, dust and any other external element that can obstruct our vision and burn our eyes. Aided by the eyelid and eyelashes, they protect our dear eyes from all potential external and environmental attacks! 

 In the same way, the eyelashes retain foreign bodies (dust and other impurities) on the edge of the eyelid so that they do not enter the eye and create any discomfort. 


Eyebrows express our emotions

We don't necessarily realize it, but on a daily basis, we use our eyebrows a lot to show or accentuate our emotions. Who has never raised an eyebrow to look mischievous? Or, on the contrary, made them frown in the face of an annoyance or a problem? Yes, the look says a lot... The eyebrows thus help to convey an emotion, a feeling or a state of mind. It is an important element of non-verbal communication. With a mask screwed onto our face all day long, it is now only through our eyes that we can express certain emotions. Might as well take care of him, right? 

 Eyebrows are therefore a key element of communication and the image we project. The absence of eyebrows would make it much more complicated for our brain to understand emotions, if not almost impossible! They are even more important in cinema and theater, where actors and comedians must take particular care to be expressive and to transmit the right emotions. Yes, eyebrows used appropriately will make an acting performance even more credible! 


Eyebrows and facial recognition 

According to some studies, eyebrows help us recognize and differentiate people. The brain, in the absence of eyebrows, would have more difficulty recognizing an already familiar face or differentiating between several faces. The gaze, in its entirety, is one of the elements that defines us and allows the brain to recognize us. 


Eyebrows as identity 

Frida Kahlo, Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke, Lily Collins… What do all these personalities have in common? A marked and atypical look and eyebrows!

Nowadays, eyebrows certainly play a protective role, but they are also important aesthetically. Yes, eyebrows have become a real seductive asset!

It is therefore completely normal to take care of them, to draw your eyebrows and apply makeup to beautify your eyes. They are a way to stand out and assert your image and identity. Yes, what would Cara Delevingne be without her eyebrow brow-up? Whether you opt for thin eyebrows or, on the contrary, very thick, they help to define the image you project. We choose the shape of our eyebrows carefully, because they say a lot about us and are truly part of our identity! 


But then, should you pluck your eyebrows? 

If eyebrows are natural and play a role in protecting our eyes, is there no risk in plucking them and applying makeup? The answer is no ! 

So, of course, we avoid extreme hair removal and eyebrows that are too thin, which would thus prove less effective in retaining and deflecting drops of sweat, rain, dust or sand. Don't panic, you can pluck and make up your eyebrows freely and without any fear. 

 However, to avoid damaging your eyebrows and ultimately causing hair loss, pay particular attention to the products used in your routine. Less aggressive, natural products are preferred. Also remember to remove your makeup and take care of your eyebrows with our revitabrow eyebrow conditioning treatment , ideal for combating environmental aggressions and strengthening your eyebrows! 

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