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Article: How to make your makeup last?

How to make your makeup last?

You love makeup, we know it! So what could be more normal than wanting it to hold as it should? And it's not just half a day! No, your daily work must remain in place from morning until evening (and sometimes even longer!).

Are you having difficulty achieving this goal? Are you tired of touching up your makeup after a few hours because it has already faded? Don't worry, there are ways!


Prepare your skin carefully

It's rather obvious for makeup specialists like you but it's always good to remember little things, here and there, helping to make your daily life easier and helping you take care of your body (especially when these are also essential as well as simple to achieve)! So, first and foremost, focus on your skin.

In fact, the smoother your skin is, the longer your makeup will last . So it is advisable, with the help of your favorite exfoliant, to clean the pores on your face. Beyond the fact that your makeup will hold much better, your skin will thank you by giving you a feeling of suppleness, freshness and even well-being!


Moisturize your face thoroughly

Moisturizing your face has many benefits (and not just to help your makeup stay on). First of all, here is a golden argument: by properly hydrating your little face, you slow down the aging of your skin, so you will maintain that plump and smooth effect that you love so much!

Plus, your makeup will last much better with this smooth and hydrated skin ! Thus, you will notice that the makeup is more pleasant to apply and above all, that it will last much, much longer!


Take care of the make-up stage

There is no question of “spreading” yourself with 10 layers… Why? Firstly, because it is very bad for the skin! Then, it affects the good hold of your makeup.

So make sure to apply your makeup evenly and avoid going back and forth… In the process, you will avoid that “cardboard” or “plaster” effect that you hate! Better for your skin, prettier and better hold throughout the day and night (eventually!) what more could you ask for?!


Choose the right products

It is unthinkable to take products at random, of course! There are so many varieties and types of eyebrow makeup , foundation and eye shadow that it is unthinkable and impossible to choose at random! Tell yourself that each skin type has its own type of makeup... and your makeup, if applied to the right skin , will set and last longer .


Use a makeup base

While it is better to avoid too many layers of makeup, you can safely opt for a base . Whether it's a mascara base, foundation or eye shadow, there are a whole multitude of products specially designed to set and hold your makeup for several hours .

Once your skin is well cleansed and hydrated, you can apply this first layer, most often with little or no color. Then it's up to you to play and apply whatever makeup you want on top. This base will act like a glue which will provide better hold to your makeup .



Secure the assembly

That's it, have you found and achieved the perfect makeup, the one that highlights your eyes and matches perfectly with your look of the day? Perfect, now you have to make sure that your makeup lasts and stays intact all day . To do this, you can close your make-up routine by applying a setting spray and other products, such as eyebrow setting gel to fix and discipline your eyebrows all day long. They are applied over your makeup and constitute, in a way, a film and a protective barrier on your pretty, freshly made-up face.


Don't touch his face!

Often unconsciously, we all touch our face throughout the day. Whether it's simply by resting your chin in the palm of your hand, or rubbing your eyes after a long day at work, it's not difficult to blend, or even ruin, your makeup in just a few seconds! And even the best products in the world won't be able to do anything about it... So, we're careful and we avoid touching our face at the slightest opportunity.


Permanent and semi-permanent makeup

 Another solution, if you are tired of having to take your lunch break to touch up your makeup, is semi-permanent or permanent makeup .

Most often, this consists of implanting, under the superficial layers of the skin, a colored pigment like a tattoo. Whether on the lips or eyebrows, this allows you to obtain makeup that will last between a few weeks and several years , depending on the type of service chosen.

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