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Article: World Climate Day: 4 eco-friendly gestures to integrate into your makeup routine

World Climate Day: 4 eco-friendly gestures to integrate into your makeup routine

World Climate Day, December 8, is the perfect opportunity to remember that there are no small steps when it comes to protecting the environment. Each of us, at our level, can act and adopt the right actions to take care of our beautiful planet .


The impact of cosmetics on the environment

Whatever we may say or think, wearing makeup pollutes!

Between waste, wasted water and products, toxic materials and ingredients...The impacts of makeup can quickly become negative for our planet. Fortunately, for several years, things have changed. More and more products, solutions and techniques make it possible to reduce our carbon footprint . A few small gestures and good habits , on a daily basis, can prevent you from polluting and thus preserve the environment.

1. Stop collecting products

Don't deny it, we all do it... Between the promotional offers too tempting for us to resist, the latest eyebrow mascara from our favorite brand and the different tones of lipsticks to match all our outfits, it It's very easy to find yourself with a nice quantity of makeup products and accessories in our drawers. Are they all essential? Probably not, no. So, of course, we are not asking you to give up on makeup, but to limit yourself to the essentials . There's no point having around 20 products if you always use the same 5!

Indeed, beyond making serious savings , you avoid waste and over-consumption . Who has never thrown away an expired lipstick or mascara that has not been used? This can very easily be avoided and thus reduce the number of packaging, plastics and other waste produced . Focus on the essentials and avoid impulsive purchases that will end up at the bottom of the drawer and then in the trash after a few years!

2. Opt for multifunctional products

In recent years, many multifunctional products have appeared on the market. The principle ? As their name suggests, they have several functions. Most often, they have 2 tips. Our Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil is the perfect example. It has, on one side, a pencil with an ultra-fine lead , perfect for drawing your eyebrows . On the other, a brush allows you to blend color and adjust your makeup.

Thanks to this format, you save space by reducing the products and accessories in your makeup routine in half, but in addition, you limit waste . Yes, a 2 in 1 product means less packaging, fewer bottles and plastic to throw away... In short, you will have understood, it's all good for you and for the environment!

3. Eco-responsible makeup remover wipes and cotton pads

As you know, removing makeup every day is essential!

However, be careful with the cotton pads or wipes you use… We are often used to using disposable cotton squares or discs. Generally, for a well-done makeup remover, not one but several discs are used, which then end up in the trash. Imagine that multiplied by the number of days you wear makeup… and multiplied by the number of people who wear makeup! Yes, it's huge and this waste could easily be avoided.

How to avoid this? By opting for washable makeup remover squares , which you can reuse every day and which, therefore, are much less polluting!

However, if you want to avoid consuming more water, detergent and other cleansing products, you can use biodegradable disposable makeup removers . In fact, the latter have a much less negative impact on the environment since they are designed to decompose quickly!

Take care of yourself and your skin

It may seem simple, but having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself can have unexpected effects. A suitable diet, good hydration, regular physical activity and rest will help you have and maintain a healthy glow . If your complexion is naturally luminous and if, for example, you don't have dark circles to hide, you can easily lighten your beauty routine . Some products will be more or less necessary, allowing you to extend their lifespan.

And that's not all ! Who says less makeup, says less makeup remover, less cotton to use and less water consumed... Not only do you save money, but you also contribute to the protection of the environment by limiting waste, waste and overconsumption .

Each of us, at our level and through small actions, we can act and improve things.

By monitoring our consumption, the use of water, the waste we produce and avoiding waste, we can act for the environment !

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