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Article: Makeup: 6 tips to rejuvenate your eyes

Makeup: 6 tips to rejuvenate your eyes

Gaining a few years and giving a little youthfulness to your eyes, without going through surgery, it's possible! Thanks to a few make-up tips and good habits to adopt every day, you can easily find a rejuvenated and sparkling look .

Well-defined eyebrows

Today, we all want to have beautiful eyebrow shape . Beyond the aesthetic aspect, beautiful eyebrows, well structured and shaped, allow you to enhance your look and even rejuvenate it. Over time, our eyebrows become less and less full and tend to become sparse. Fortunately, thanks to eyebrow makeup , it is entirely possible and even very simple to work on your eyebrows. The trend being for thick and structured eyebrows , we do not hesitate to redraw our eyebrow line, discipline them and make them up. Pencil, marker, mascara… There are many products that will help you thicken and intensify your eyebrows .

Do you want something more durable? The eyebrow brow up is what you need!

Carried out in an institute, this service consists of disciplining and restructuring the eyebrows through the application of a product. Combined with a dye, Brow Up is ideal for highlighting your eyebrows and emphasizing your eyes, thus hiding the first white hairs.

Apply makeup to the upper eyelid only

To give your eyes a little pep, we obviously rely on makeup... But not just any makeup! Avoid mascara, pencil or eyeliner applied close to the eyebrows, under the eye. This tends to make your eyes droop and accentuate the wrinkles and dark circles that age us.

Instead, opt for upper eyelid makeup with eye shadow, mascara or pencil. If you apply eyeliner to the end of your eyelid, raise the line as it reaches the end of the eye. This will open your eyes and give a lifting effect!

Finally, you can apply light liner to your lower lash line. Opt instead for natural tones, beige or peach, to give a youthful look to your eyes and camouflage dark circles. In addition, you can also apply a concealer to reduce any possible tired effect that the years can give us.

Moisturize your skin

The best way to tone your skin, maintain a luminous complexion and limit the appearance of wrinkles is obviously hydrating the skin . Clean your face regularly and use moisturizers. They will help your skin stay firm, smooth and toned . This will delay the appearance of wrinkles and give your eyes a second youth !

Also choose creams and serums specially designed for the eye area. Thanks to their plumping effect , this type of treatment smoothes and rejuvenates your eyes. Moisturizing and protective, it is one of the must-haves in your bathroom!

Opt for melting textures

Foundations and blushes in powder form have the unfortunate tendency to thicken and make our skin shine. In addition, the powder does not smooth the skin and brings out all the small imperfections , wrinkles and fine lines that we try as best we can to hide!

Thus, we favor melting and creamy textures , with a finer appearance and a much more natural effect. They are more suitable for mature skin that has some wrinkles and other imperfections.

Try eyelash extensions

Over the years, it is not uncommon to find yourself with fewer eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can therefore be a good alternative to give a more awake and fresh look. All it takes is a visit to an institute to enlarge your eyes and rejuvenate them with eyelash extensions.

Lengthening mascara , for its part, can also be considered but sparingly. If you have few eyelashes, the mascara risks making clumps and sticking them together , accentuating the sparse effect that you want to avoid. On the other hand, if your eyelashes are still in perfect health, lengthening mascara will be perfect to enhance your eyes and give you a few years less!

Remember to remove your makeup

Makeup is not intended to stay on our skin permanently. Therefore, it is essential to remove makeup thoroughly every day before going to sleep. And we're not talking about a quick wash with cold water but a real make-up removal if you want to protect your pretty face. Indeed, if you do not remove your makeup, you risk damaging your skin and the area around your eyes by creating, for example, inflammation.

You will have understood, there are many tips and techniques to rejuvenate your eyes thanks to makeup, but also and above all by taking good care of your skin!

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