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Article: At what age should you start plucking your eyebrows?

At what age should you start plucking your eyebrows?

Like all first times, the first eyebrow wax can raise a lot of questions for parents and children alike. At what age can you start? Do you necessarily have to go to an institute? Does it hurt ? Which technique to use? We answer all your questions!

It is generally around the age of 10-12 that young adolescents see their first hairs appear. If, in some cases, this can go unnoticed, in others, it can be the source of many complexes . Indeed, faced with the beauty standards imposed by society, your child, teenager or pre-teen may feel self-conscious. And then, as we know, adolescence is not an easy time to live with... and teenagers or pre-teens can be very cruel!

There is therefore nothing abnormal in your child starting to wonder about plucking their eyebrows when they see their eyebrows thicken and become bushy. Yes, but should you broach the subject with him? At what age ? How ? And what type of hair removal should you choose? Obviously, this will depend on you and your offspring, but here are some tips and answers to help you!

At what age can you start plucking your eyebrows?

First of all, there is no specific age for waxing your eyebrows . Some start at 12 years old while others wait until 17 years old, or even more!

You can't be too young or too old. The age will depend on each person and their needs.

You can therefore start by observing your child to see if any complexes appear. If this is not the case, no emergency... On the other hand, if you detect any discomfort or discomfort, do not hesitate to discuss it with him in order to reassure him and, if necessary, to consider a first hair removal.

If your child doesn't seem at all concerned about their eyebrows, there's no need to put any pressure on them. Everything in its time ! Let your pre-teen or teen lead their life peacefully... He or she will broach the subject when they feel the need.

On average, the first hair removals are done around the age of 16 or 17 . In some cases, this can start around 12 years old or, conversely, not be done until late, at more than 20 years old.

First eyebrow waxing: at home or in a salon?

It's decided, your baby is going to experience his first eyebrow waxing? You now have to choose between home hair removal and salon hair removal. Which is better? Once again, this will mainly depend on what parents and children have decided.

The advantage of the institute is obviously that the hair removal is carried out by a professional . The first hair removal is important because this is where we will define the shape of the eyebrow. A beautician will know how, depending on the shape of the face but also according to your desires, to do what is necessary to allow you to have a beautiful eyebrow shape .

However, going to an institute and entrusting your eyebrows to someone can be a little worrying and overwhelming for a child or pre-teen. In some cases, hair removal at home will seem more reassuring and suitable. This may be possible when it is simply a matter of “clearing” and removing a few unsightly hairs. However, if it is a question of reshaping the eyebrows of your child, pre-teen or teenager, it is best to go to a salon or beauty institute. Afterwards, you can, however, maintain your eyebrows yourself, at home.

What type of hair removal?

Wax, hair removal battery or thread? The choice is not so obvious. This will depend on the hair growth and, above all, what you want for your teenager's eyebrows. To begin with, the tweezers allow you to go gradually and remove the excess hair without too much pain.

Some tips for first eyebrow waxing

When first plucked, eyebrows can easily show some redness and be slightly sore. It's nothing and it goes away after a few hours, but we recommend avoiding eyebrow makeup as long as the skin is weakened and sensitive.

In addition, if you and your child opt for the institute, do not hesitate to ask the beautician all your questions , or even tell them your preferences. A true eye specialist, she will work on an eyebrow shape adapted to her face but will be able to take into account and follow your instructions and requests. Likewise, if the end result is not suitable, it must be said. Politeness dictates that you always appear delighted with the result, but if this is not the case, make it clear. Alterations can be made to satisfy you!

Finally, and above all, avoid doing hair removal yourself if you have never done it… at the risk of ending up with uneven eyebrows or holes!

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