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Article: How to enhance your look for Christmas?

How to enhance your look for Christmas?

Ah, Christmas and the end-of-year holidays! This is the perfect opportunity to put on your best makeup and look your best. At this time, everything is allowed to enhance and highlight your eyes . What makeup to adopt this year? We take a look at the trends and good ideas for successful Christmas makeup!

Enhance your look for Christmas

For the end of year celebrations, we all tend to opt for a pretty outfit that shows us off, complemented by carefully crafted makeup . To avoid any fashion faux pas, we choose an area of ​​the face to highlight. Most often, the choice is between the mouth and the eyes. Because yes, if you work and accentuate your eyes , it is appropriate to opt for something more sober for your lips... and vice versa! Overdoing it runs the risk of completely messing up your makeup and no longer bringing out anything... Let's face it, that would be a shame after so much preparation!

Dress up in Christmas colors

Christmas and, more generally, the end of year celebrations, are associated with glitter and certain colors such as red, green, white and of course, the essential gold and silver .

So, for your holiday makeup, you can rely on these sure values!

The idea being to play on the magic of this time of year, you can adorn yourself with your most beautiful eyeshadow. Iridescent or glittery colors are welcome, provided they are only used on one and the same area.

Smoky eyes , in cool colors or brown tones, are perfect for highlighting your pretty eyes and giving you a doe look. Of course, we also make sure to have a beautiful eyebrow shape that highlights and intensifies the look .

Choosing Christmas makeup suited to the color of your eyes

If, of course, you can opt for the colors associated with the holidays, you can also achieve pretty makeup adapted to the color of your eyes . This will make them stand out even more and add the very last touch to your party outfit.

Holiday makeup for green eyes

First of all, pay attention to the tone on tone. On the contrary, it can dull your look and not make it stand out. If you want to opt for green, choose a green that is stronger than that of your eyes.

To really enhance your green eyes , it is advisable to opt for complementary colors... namely red! If it is rather difficult to adorn your eyelids with red shadow, you can easily use copper, apricot, gold, plum, purple or simply black.

Party makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes don't go well with all colors. To take full advantage of this pretty color, we opt for contrasts and opposing colors . Copper and golden tones are therefore particularly suitable for blue eyes and fit quite well with the Christmas period. Perfect, right?

For a femme fatale look, we favor dark colors such as brown, black, gray or dark purple, which will make your eyes stand out (especially if they are light).

Party makeup for brown and black eyes

The advantage of brown or black eyes is that they can match all colors.

So you have free rein to create beautiful holiday makeup .

For a touch of originality and to stay in a festive spirit, you can opt for metallic tones such as gold, bronze and copper .

Do you want to intensify your look instead? If you have dark brown eyes, intense eye shadows such as gray, green or purple will be perfect. For light eyes, champagne or golden tones will enhance your look and enhance it!

Eyelash and eyebrow makeup

No matter the color of your eyes, successful eye makeup also includes eyebrow makeup ! Indeed, thick and well-disciplined eyebrows , very trendy at the moment, will highlight your eyes and bring the final touch to your Christmas makeup.

So, we take care of our eyebrows by visiting the beautician or by home treatments and makeup. Mascara and eyebrow pencil will be unstoppable allies to reshape and assert your eyebrows .

Of course, we don't forget the eyelashes. A black, gold or silver mascara will be ideal for lengthening your eyelashes and giving you an intense and irresistible look . If you have already opted for colorful and glittery makeup on the eyelid, sober tones such as black or brown will be preferred on your eyelashes and eyebrows.

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