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Article: How do I take care of my permanent makeup?

How do I take care of my permanent makeup?

Even if permanent makeup is supposed to remain impeccable in the long term, this dermopigmentation technique requires regular maintenance to preserve its radiance and color.

Permanent makeup is a dermopigmentation technique that inserts pigments into the superficial layers of the epidermis. If permanent makeup is made to last over time , care is still necessary to maintain it properly so that its color remains intact for as long as possible. Of course, this goes for all types of permanent makeup, whether it's eyebrows, eyes or lips ! Here, moreover, are some tips for properly maintaining your permanent makeup and advice for optimizing the fixation of dermopigments on your skin.

How to maintain your permanent makeup?

To have a better chance of obtaining a satisfactory result, it is essential to carefully follow the maintenance steps for your permanent makeup, from the first hours after the procedure.

Treatments to follow after your permanent makeup is done

Once your permanent makeup is done, do not hesitate to apply a moisturizing and healing cream every hour for the first few days. Then, three times a day the following week. On the other hand, it is essential to keep the makeup area clean and sterile , in order to minimize the risk of infection which could compromise the result of your permanent makeup. Finally, even after several weeks, be wary of the sun's UV rays and do not expose yourself without sun protection factor 50 (minimum).

What to absolutely avoid

The first week after applying your permanent makeup, ß. For example, it is prohibited to:

  • swim in the swimming pool or the sea , the same goes for the sauna or hammam,
  • doing sports sessions that are too intense ,
  • expose yourself to the sun without protection ,
  • use makeup on the tattooed part,
  • apply a vaseline-based cream ,
  • remove the scabs which may form after several days.

This last recommendation is especially important, as it can leave you with scars .

How often should you consider making touch-ups?

The color of your permanent makeup generally does not remain stable for one to two weeks. During this period, the color of your make-up may slightly alter . This reaction of the dermopigments is completely normal. This is why after 6 weeks , it is strongly recommended to carry out touch-ups to rebalance the shade of your makeup . Finally, usually, the pigments used fade over time, after 1 to 3 years . This is why it is necessary to schedule regular touch-ups . How long permanent makeup lasts depends on several parameters, such as the quality of the pigment used, your skin type and the location of the treated area.

In general, for eyebrows, plan to have touch-ups every 2 years, for permanent eyeliner , every 2 to 5 years and for lips approximately every 3 years.

My permanent makeup doesn't last: what should I do?

It may happen that the fixation of your permanent makeup leaves something to be desired . Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you optimize the chances that your permanent makeup will last in the long term .

Why isn't permanent makeup suitable for all skin types?

Permanent makeup often has difficulty lasting on oily or very dehydrated skin . Indeed, very oily skin has a very high level of cell renewal , which will cause the premature elimination of the pigments in your makeup. Conversely, very dry skin has an excess of dead skin , which makes the surface layer of the epidermis thicker . This prevents pigments from settling and attaching well to the skin.

What solutions to better fix your permanent makeup?

To optimize your chances that your permanent makeup will last, you must first take care of your skin . Several weeks before applying your permanent makeup, plan a moisturizing care routine to revitalize and firm your skin.

For women who have already had cold sores and who wish to have permanent lip makeup , a specific treatment based on Valocyclovir is strongly recommended. This will reduce the risk of developing cold sores immediately after the procedure. Indeed, this type of viral reaction could jeopardize the result of your makeup.

Little tip, 48 hours before the procedure, you can exfoliate the area to be made up . This will remove dead skin and thoroughly clean the area to be pigmented. Finally, take the time to choose the pigments to use for your permanent makeup. Preferably opt for quality dermopigments whose shade is renowned for not changing easily over time .

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