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Article: Eye makeup: in 2024, we're going for blue!

Eye makeup: in 2024, we're going for blue!

Blue will certainly be the new 2024 eye makeup trend. Eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow, the color blue will be in the spotlight this year.

Every year, trends are reinvented and it's blue's turn to be in the spotlight. This intense color can be available in many shades. Bewitching and mysterious, the color blue brings elegance and intensity to your look. But, which shades of blue should you choose? And, how to achieve trendy eye makeup? Here are our tips for achieving makeup that borders on perfection.

Why focus on blue in 2024?

For several consecutive years now, Pinterest's prediction model has analyzed the posts of more than 480 million users to deduce the new trends of tomorrow.

This year, Pinterest Predicts is going all out on blue. This color indeed flatters all skin tones and is making a comeback. Very popular in the 80s, it is now making a comeback to enhance your eyes with classic makeup or permanent makeup .

What shades of blue are in the spotlight?

Royal blue and Klein blue will be the unmissable stars of 2024. Their intense color actually brings power to your eyes.

Paler shades like sky blue will also most certainly be favored for achieving a nuanced gradient make-up.

Turquoise blue or duck blue will also be great assets for original and modern eye makeup.

Ideas for trendy eye makeup in 2024

Here are some suggestions to enhance your look by putting the color blue in the spotlight.

Royal blue eyeliner

For those who want to follow the trend while maintaining fairly classic makeup, royal blue eyeliner can be the ideal alternative, whatever the color of your eyes.

In addition, this technique is quite quick to perform. All you have to do is choose a colored makeup pen and carefully trace your eyeliner line on the upper lash line. Depending on your eye shape, you can also opt for inverted eyeliner for a more original effect. Finally, don't forget to add mascara to intensify your look.

The smoky eyes

Smoky eyes remain a must-have in eye makeup. To stay in the 2024 trend, dare to wear smoky eyes by favoring shades of blue. This type of makeup will particularly highlight brown eyes and dark skin, but it can also be adapted to lighter eyes by choosing turquoise and golden shades.

To achieve the perfect smoky eyes, here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Choose three shades (ideally two shades of blue and gold or silver).
  2. Start by drawing the outer corner of your eye using the darkest shade of blue.
  3. Then, with the lighter shade, fill in the rest of your upper eyelid, trying to create a gradient effect. You can even use this same color to go around your eye at the lower lash line.
  4. Finally, on the inner corner of your eye, apply a light eyeshadow (shade of light blue, silver or gold). This will allow you to brighten up your make-up and widen your eyes.

Electric blue mascara

In 2024, electric blue mascara will be particularly trendy. It can be paired with blue eyeliner or applied alone. Although it looks best on brunettes, it can also suit women with light eyes, especially if you opt for orange or gold makeup on your eyelids.

Pastel blue eyeshadow

If you want to follow the trend without using too flashy shades, sky blue eyeshadow will be your best ally. This paler, nuanced color can suit both light and dark eyes. This shade will allow you to bring light to your eyelids and intensify your look in a subtle way. The ideal is to enhance your make-up with a line of black eyeliner on the upper lash line or a permanent lash line and add black mascara to boost the volume of your eyelashes.

The blue mouth

The blue mouth with a gradient effect in the center will also be part of the 2024 trend. This type of makeup is more original this time and is more intended for festive makeup for a particular event or party.

Blue to the nails

If you are a fan of nail art, know that in 2024 blue nails will be the new fashion to follow. Dark, light, turquoise, all shades of blue can be a source of inspiration and give you the opportunity to be trendy to the tips of your nails.

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