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Article: What is eyebrow mascara? Everything you need to know about this makeup product

What is eyebrow mascara? Everything you need to know about this makeup product

Eyebrow mascara becomes an essential part of your eye makeup. Easy to use, this make-up accessory allows you to enhance your eyebrows in no time in any situation.

Eyebrows are a key element of our face. Knowing how to enhance the line of your brow bones is a real asset for intensifying your look . The eyebrow pencil already allows you to reshape the shape of your eyebrows, but the eyebrow mascara goes even further by giving you the possibility of intensifying their color and making them more voluminous. Find out how to use eyebrow mascara , as well as its main benefits.

What is eyebrow mascara?

An eyebrow mascara is a type of colored or transparent gel that aims to fix the hairs of your eyebrows . It is often sold in the same form as a classic eyelash mascara, with a brush head to facilitate its application.

Can eyebrow mascara be used by everyone?

Eyebrow mascara is generally suitable for all eyebrow types . Many shades exist, from blonde to intense black, which allows you to choose the gel color most similar to your natural eyebrow shade.

On the other hand, even for sparse eyebrows , eyebrow mascara, supplemented by a suitable pencil line, can allow you to give a more voluminous effect to your eyebrow arches.

How much does an eyebrow mascara cost?

The price of an eyebrow mascara is between €5 and €50 on average . The brand and quality of the product are the main factors that influence the price of your eyebrow mascara. Generally, to obtain a satisfactory result, it is advisable to opt for at least an intermediate range eyebrow mascara .

Why use eyebrow mascara?

Eyebrow mascara is a very useful make-up accessory for highlighting your eyebrows while maintaining a natural effect .

Fix the curvature of your eyebrows

Eyebrow mascara allows you to lock in the movement of your hairs for a clean, maintained look. Indeed, with eyebrow gel, no more rebellious and unruly hairs !

Give a more voluminous effect

The fact that some gels are tinted will give you the opportunity to boost the volume of your eyebrows and give them a thicker effect . Which is ideal for people with sparse or very light colored eyebrows.

A long-lasting result

The hold of eyebrow mascara can easily last all day . Some eyebrow gels are even waterproof for even more effective hold and fixation.

How to use eyebrow mascara to enhance your eyes?

Here are the essential steps to follow to achieve a perfect make-up with eyebrow mascara.

Redraw your eyebrows using a pencil

The ideal for a perfect result is to start by redrawing your eyebrows with a pencil . For a natural look, choose the shade of your make-up accessory carefully. It should be similar to the natural color of your eyebrows .

For the outline, it will depend on the shape of your eyebrow arches, the objective being to correct the outline of the lines of your natural eyebrows . Optionally reshape the head or lengthen the tail of your eyebrow if necessary.

Little tip, if you have sparse eyebrows , don't hesitate to fill in the gaps by drawing small fine lines in areas without hair .

Choosing the right color for your eyebrow mascara

One of the essential stages of your makeup takes place upstream. It's about choosing your eyebrow mascara . Take the time to choose the right color . Usually, many shades are available. The ideal is to choose the color that will be closest to your natural shade . For blondes, you can optionally opt for a slightly darker shade. This will accentuate your look and highlight your eye color.

Apply your eyebrow mascara

Once your eyebrows have been cleaned and redrawn with pencil, start by applying your gel in the opposite direction of your hair growth . Then, secondly, with the brush, brush your eyebrows in the direction of growth . This two-step technique allows better impregnation of the product and more effective fixation.

Enhance your eyebrow line with luminous eyeshadow

Finally, to perfect your eyebrow makeup, you can use the Luminabrow eyebrow pencil just under your brow bone. This will highlight the arch of your eyebrows and widen your eyes. Also consider adding a touch of highlighter to the inner corner of your eye to brighten your makeup and intensify the color of your eyes.

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