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Article: World No Tobacco Day: the impact of tobacco on the skin

World No Tobacco Day: the impact of tobacco on the skin

This year's World No Tobacco Day theme is “tobacco: a threat to our environment”. Indeed, tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemical substances, 50 of which are carcinogenic. If it is now certain that tobacco has an impact on the environment, but also on our body, when exactly are the effects of tobacco on the skin? And, are there ways to reduce its impact to find a brighter and more radiant face? 

The effects of tobacco on the skin 

Tobacco is very harmful to the skin . Indeed, the substances present in cigarette smoke are deposited on the pores and hinder the proper oxygenation of skin cells. Which is the cause of the pale, grayish complexion of most smokers. 

But tobacco also has other negative effects. They cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels. This disrupts the normal circulation of red blood cells, which then have more difficulty supplying the superficial layers of the epidermis with oxygen. This is why smokers in particular see their skin wrinkle more quickly. 

Tobacco also reduces the natural renewal of keratinocytes and can cause cysts responsible for rosacea or skin psoriasis. Smoking can also cause brown spots or redness to appear which can be very difficult to remove afterwards. 


Tips: How to regain beautiful skin and a guaranteed healthy glow by enhancing your eyes? 

Whether you smoke or not, taking care of your skin daily is essential . Healthy skin full of vitality will give you a sparkling look that you can then enhance with fresh, modern make-up and pretty eyebrow make-up . 


How to take good care of your skin every day? 

The skin of the face must be cleansed every day, in order to clear the pores and prevent bacteria from accumulating there. This ritual must of course be accompanied by hydration of your skin which must be done daily using a moisturizing and nourishing cream. 

Day care products rich in vitamin C are perfect for nourishing damaged skin thanks to their antioxidant properties. Anti-aging serums and creams can also help slow skin aging . 

On the other hand, for better protection, consider using protective moisturizing creams (anti-UV) throughout the year (even in winter). Their role is to protect you from the sun's harmful rays, in particular UVA and UVB which are responsible for the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles and other abnormalities of the epidermis. 

Make-up tips to look in great shape 

Whether you didn't sleep much the night before or your skin is damaged for various reasons (fatigue, smoking, heavy exposure to the sun, etc.), here are practical tips for perfecting your makeup and making it fresher for a good effect. guaranteed mine: 


  • use a concealer adapted to your skin color (with a yellow tint for fair skin and with a coral tint for darker skin),  
  • avoid gray or purple eye shadow which will bring out the natural color of dark circles ,  
  • do not put mascara on the bottom of your eye, this could accentuate the “drooping eyelid” effect that is already very noticeable when we are tired or our skin is damaged,  
  • takes particular care of your complexion, it must be luminous and fresh,  
  • draw your eyebrows for a guaranteed lifting effect.  


How to enhance your eyes to appear less tired? 

When our skin has aged prematurely due to the effects of tobacco or various causes, the skin of the eyelid tends to sag and give a “drooping” effect which makes us look tired. Well-executed eye makeup can actually help you fade the signs of fatigue and regain a luminous face. For this, good eye makeup is essential. Here's an example of easy eye makeup that will instantly make you look less tired: 


  1. Using an eyebrow pencil close to the color of your hair, redraw your brow bone.  
  1. Using a concealer or light pencil, draw a line under your eyebrow line, then blend the material. This will highlight your eyebrows and restructure the lines of your face while giving it more radiance.  
  1. Don't forget to apply concealer under your lower eyelids.  
  1. Use eyeshadow with colors that will flatter you.  
  1. Finish your makeup with a touch of highlighter on the inner corner of the eye to brighten your eyes and remove any trace of fatigue.  

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