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Article: Mother's Day: 5 gift ideas to please her

Mother's Day: 5 gift ideas to please her

Celebrated in many countries, Mother's Day is an opportunity to cherish the one who gave us life. Gifts, flowers, meals and other little touches of all kinds... What to give your mother on May 29, 2022? We offer you our selection of beauty gifts to please her! 

 As May 29 approaches, many people are asking the same question: what gift for Mother's Day? If yours is flirtatious and likes to take care of herself, beauty treatments and products are a safe bet. Makeup products and accessories have a long lifespan, which will make them a very useful gift, while skincare offers every woman a moment of relaxation and happiness! How to make your choice? We give you some good ideas for a successful Mother's Day ! 

Our selection of gift ideas for Mother's Day 


1 - Our range of Revitalash products 

The older we get, the more hair that adorns our face can fall out and not grow back. This is why, after a certain age, many women have sparse and less full eyebrows and eyelashes . Developed by ophthalmologists, our Revitalash eyelash products are designed to strengthen and revitalize eyelashes and protect them against breakage. In the form of treatment, mascara or in a Revitalash Natural Beauty box, they will be perfect allies for regaining magnificent eyelashes and a sublime look. Easy to use on a daily basis, Revitalash products highlight the natural beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows and will make an ideal gift for Mother's Day! 


2 - Eyebrow waxing in an institute 

Whether she is used to plucking her eyebrows herself or a fan of salon treatments, your mother will definitely appreciate being pampered and having her eyebrows taken care of. Why not offer him an eyebrow restructuring in one of our Atelier du sourcil workshops ? Our team of professionals will know how to find and create the shape of eyebrows best suited to the face. The look is thus sublimated and the eyes are highlighted. With such a service, you are sure to please him and offer him a moment of relaxation , in good hands. Our technicians will, of course, ensure that they meet all your expectations and provide you with a quality service. 


3 – Eyebrow makeup products 

What's better for a woman who likes to wear makeup than beauty products ? To move away from the traditional lipstick, perfume or makeup palette, you can opt for eyebrow makeup products . Specially designed to enhance eyebrows in a natural way and with long-lasting hold, they will make a great gift for Mother's Day. In fact, applying makeup to your eyebrows is now an essential step in a successful makeup routine . For this, setting gel or colored gel, mascara and eyebrow pencils will be perfect allies! 


4 - The personalized MyIeva beauty subscription 

If you're really short of ideas or would prefer to opt for a gift that lasts, why not let yourself be tempted by one of our tailor-made beauty subscriptions ? Thanks to the skin and hair diagnosis carried out via the IEVA application, a box composed of several products adapted to your needs is sent each month . Everything is tailor-made, so that the recipient of the box receives products that are truly adapted to her beauty routine and her needs. Beyond the simple fact of benefiting from a personalized selection of products , these subscriptions are also advantageous in terms of pricing since they save you up to 45% compared to purchasing the products alone. 


5 - A permanent makeup service 

Very trendy in recent years, permanent makeup is a perfect alternative for those who don't have the time, desire or technique to wear makeup every day. The latter comes in several ways: microshading or microblading to beautify your eyebrows , permanent eyelash trimming, permanent lip makeup to reshape and color them, permanent eyeliner... The possibilities are numerous! If there is no age to be seduced by permanent makeup, it is a technique particularly appreciated from a certain age in order to plump up your lips or widen your eyes , for example. 


With these few gift ideas for Mother's Day, you're sure to please! 

Of professional quality, our products and services will delight those who benefit from them.

If you prefer to play it safe, you can also opt for a gift card that you recharge with the amount of your choice. 

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