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Article: How to have perfect eyebrows in 5 minutes?

How to have perfect eyebrows in 5 minutes?

In the morning before going out, makeup is an essential step for many women. But very often there is no time and you have to act quickly. So, is eyebrow makeup really essential? The answer is of course, yes! Indeed, eyebrow makeup is one of the most important steps, because itstructures the lines of your face and enhances your look . Here are some practical tips forapplying makeup to your eyebrows in less than 5 minutes flat! 

Good tips for applying eyebrow makeup quickly 

It is actually possible to put makeup on your eyebrows quite quickly. If you are new to this, the first few times may take more time, but with a little experience you will be able to achieve your eyebrow makeup in just a few minutes. 

Have the right equipment 

To be efficient, there's nothing like being well equipped! To make up your eyebrows, it is essential to first have an eyebrow brush , if you do not have one you can use your mascara brush which you will have previously washed in hot water. 


Next, you will need an eyebrow pencil. The best is to choose a shade identical to that of your eyebrow hairs . Finally, the ideal is to also use a light pencil or concealer that you apply under your eyebrow to effectively highlight it. It is also possible to opt for a tinted wax or eyebrow pomade. These products have the advantage of adding volume to your eyebrows and giving them a thicker effect. 


Also remember to wash your makeup accessories regularly, for hygiene reasons, but also to be able to use them for longer . 


Foolproof technique in less than 5 minutes 

Here is a quick and effective technique that can be done in record time: 


  1. Brush your eyebrows . This allows you to clean and discipline them so that they take the shape you want.  
  1. Delineate your eyebrow line using the 3-point technique. This will allow you to precisely determine the head, arc and end of the tail of your eyebrow. These 3 zones can easily be found by taking as a guide the side ridges of your nose and a brush, which you will place against your nostril and the inner edge of the eye to determine the ideal zone of the head of your eyebrow, then your nostril passing through your pupil to find the arch and finally from the nostril passing through the outer edge of the eye to determine the end of the brow bone.  
  1. Then trace the ideal contour of your eyebrows.  
  1. Fill in this area gradually by making small lines inside your eyebrow and paying particular attention to the less thick or bald areas. Remember to even out the material with an eyebrow brush or directly with your fingers.  
  1. Then use your concealer or light pencil under your eyebrow. This helps brighten your eyes and emphasize the natural curves of your eyebrows.  
  1. Finally, for a perfect result, you can apply highlighter in the inner corner of the eye for a guaranteed healthy glow and luminous effect.  


For those mornings when you're really in a hurry, you can use tinted eyebrow wax directly using a spoolie or fine brush. This will allow you to even out the inside of your eyebrows and highlight them very quickly. 

What about permanent makeup? 

Permanent makeup , unlike tattooing, is not permanent . It can present itself as an interesting alternative for women who don't have much time to put on makeup , but who want to always have a neat and impeccable look. 

Permanent makeup uses dermopigmentation techniques which introduce colored pigments into the most superficial layer of the skin using a needle. Its rendering is intended to be as natural as possible . This solution is also often used for women with thin eyebrows or suffering from alopecia . 

Permanent makeup fades over time, which is why it must be maintained regularly, depending on the condition of your eyebrows. 



Permanent makeup is perfect for saving time in the morning . In fact, with permanent makeup, it only takes a few seconds to beautify your eyebrows. A quick brush to clean them and put them back in order and that's it. 

On the other hand, permanent makeup is water resistant . You will therefore be able to keep the benefit of made-up eyebrows in all circumstances. Which is very practical if you go to the swimming pool or the beach.

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