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Article: Bleached eyebrow: what is this new trend?

Bleached eyebrow: what is this new trend?

While the majority of women seek to have thick and well-structured eyebrows, the bleached eyebrow or also called the “ bleached eyesbrows ”, launched in 2013 by the famous singers Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, is becoming the trend to adopt at the moment. This new trend aims to make eyebrows almost invisible. But, how do you create a bleached eyebrow? And, does this new makeup fashion really suit everyone? 

Bleached eyebrow: what does it consist of? 

This new trend disrupts the usual codes of classic beauty and sometimes gives surprising results. 

A new trend 

For several seasons now, the bleached eyebrow has been a very popular make-up technique for fashion shows and stars like Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian. The bleached eyebrow aims to erase the eyebrows and lighten them to the point that they become almost invisible . The result is often surprising. This type of eyebrow makeup is rather reserved for festive events , it is quite rare to adopt it for your everyday makeup. 

For who ? 

Bleached eyebrows are not necessarily suitable for everyone. Indeed, eyebrows structure our eyes and the features of our face. Without them, the face generally loses the harmony of its features. This is why the bleached eyebrow must be accompanied by well-executed makeup which will effectively redraw the lines of your face for a harmonious and radiant effect. 


On the other hand, you should know that depending on the color of your skin tone, the result may not be the same. If the bleached eyebrow can look good on fair-skinned blondes without too much difficulty, the contrast will be more striking for someone with dark skin and naturally dark eyebrows. But, this can sometimes give magnificent and original results, perfect for going to a themed evening for example. 

How to achieve trendy “bleached eyesbrows”? 

The bleached eyebrow is an eyebrow makeup that is quite easy to achieve . But, this requires knowing how to highlight the rest of your face to compensate for the exfoliation of the eyebrows which has the effect of deconstructing the lines of your eyes. 

The Make-up option 

Here are the key steps to achieve trendy and modern bleached eyesbrows: 


  1. Apply your foundation as a base to cover your eyebrows.  
  1. Powder your eyebrows with your usual powder or opt for a white powder for a more original effect.  
  1. Apply eyebrow fixing gel for long-lasting hold.  
  1. To skillfully redraw the features of your face in the absence of your eyebrows, place particular emphasis on the cheekbones and the line of the nose. You can use classic contouring techniques, but accentuate them a little more.  
  1. This is not an obligation, but bleached eyebrows can be the ideal opportunity to enhance your eyes by daring to use smoky , colorful and daring makeup that will particularly highlight your eyes.  


The advantage of the make-up option to achieve your bleached eyebrow is that it is not durable. It is therefore ideal if you just want to take advantage of this trend occasionally. However, if you are considering adopting it for your everyday life, know that there are other options so you don't have to redo your makeup every morning. 


Bleaching your eyebrows can, in fact, be a sustainable alternative that allows you to save time on your daily beauty routine. However, it is important to think about it carefully, because it can take 1 to 2 months for your eyebrows to grow back! You should also know that the discoloration must be maintained regularly to standardize the color. 

On the other hand, to bleach your eyebrows, it is best to go to a beauty salon or hair salon. Avoid all commercially sold kits or bleaching tutorials based on hydrogen peroxide, at the risk of seeing your eyebrows take on unexpected shades and damaging them! 


And hair removal? 

Total hair removal of your eyebrows is strongly discouraged . Eyebrow growth is slow and not always guaranteed in the case of total hair removal. You therefore risk ending up with sparse eyebrows that will have difficulty growing back properly. 

The ideal for a first Bleached eyebrow experience is to take the time to do it in a specialized beauty institute , so you will be sure that your make-up will be well done and you will have the opportunity to glean some expert advice so you can then do it again at home. It is advisable to opt for the make-up option before moving on to eyebrow coloring , so you can see without risk if this new trend is made for you. 

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