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Article: Permanent eyebrow makeup: at what age can you start?

Permanent eyebrow makeup: at what age can you start?

Are you not satisfied with your eyebrow line? Or do you think your eyebrows are too sparse? Then, permanent eyebrow makeup can be the ideal solution to your problems . But, from what age can you start using permanent makeup? This technique, which uses a dermopigmentation process , is increasingly used today by women regardless of their age. 

Permanent makeup: Is there an age limit? 

Permanent makeup can be done on any skin type and at any age . Even if age is a parameter to take into consideration for the final makeup, it is not a determining factor. It is the doctor-dermatologist or the beautician who will be responsible for offering you a type of makeup adapted to your age, your style and above all your desires. 


However, it is important to remember that permanent makeup sessions are prohibited for minors . Unless written authorization from parents has been provided. 


The effects of permanent makeup depending on your age 

Every woman has the possibility of having permanent makeup. Depending on the age of the person, the objectives of this type of makeup can be different. Even if the primary objective of this makeup is to enhance your eyes with a natural look. 


Young skin 

Young women who wish to opt for permanent makeup are often dissatisfied with their eyebrow lines, considered asymmetrical or not strong enough. This is particularly the case for people who have very light eyebrows. In this case, permanent makeup can actually help the person regain better self-esteem by allowing them to restructure and redo their eyebrows and thus effectively enhance their facial features. 

This is also suitable for very active young women who don't necessarily have a lot of time to apply makeup every morning . This alternative allows you to have a makeup effect without spending hours in the bathroom every morning. 

However, you should know that one of the characteristics of permanent makeup for young women is that it lasts less time than on more mature skin. This is due in particular to cell renewal of the skin which is much more important in a young woman. As a result, permanent makeup pigments tend to fade more quickly on young skin. This is why it is recommended to have retouching sessions very regularly, in order to fill in the areas where the pigmentation has disappeared. 

Mature skin

The skin, over time, becomes thinner and more fragile . This is why she becomes more sensitive. However, using permanent makeup is not discouraged by specialists. On the contrary, eyebrow micropigmentation can be a perfect alternative to reshape your eyes and compensate for the effects of aging . Of course, on a mature skin type, additional precautions should be taken. You will need to hydrate your skin well and follow the advice of your beautician to the letter. 


What are the advantages of opting for permanent makeup as you age? 

The advantages of opting for permanent makeup as you age are multiple . This can, in fact, prove to be an effective way to boost your self-esteem and find yourself beautiful and attractive for a long time to come! 


Immediate lifting effect 

Eyebrows frame your eyes and outline your facial features. As you age, your eyebrow lines may sag slightly and cause a droopy eyelid effect , which makes you look more tired. Permanent makeup can be an effective solution that will harmoniously reshape the line of your eyebrows for a perfect lifting effect without surgery. 

A solution to find thicker eyebrows 

For various reasons, you may suffer from alopecia (stress, chronic illnesses, consequences of chemotherapy, etc.), which has the effect of reducing the thickness of your eyebrows . They then become more sparse and are sometimes accompanied with age by a depigmentation of their natural color. Permanent makeup can be an ideal solution to regain fuller, more defined eyebrows without having to wear makeup every day. 

Practical aspect 

Today, at any age, a woman remains dynamic and active, so permanent makeup is a solution that allows you to save time. No need to spend so much time putting on makeup every day and what's more, this makeup is Waterproof. Which is very practical if you go to the swimming pool or the beach in the summer. 


Permanent makeup is therefore a practical solution for all women, whatever their age. It meets many of the needs of today's women while adapting to your needs and expectations in a personalized way.

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