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Article: World Coloring Day: what if we dared to wear colorful makeup?

World Coloring Day: what if we dared to wear colorful makeup?

World Coloring Day will be celebrated on May 6. This event may make you want to try out the new trend of the moment: colored makeup. Several famous influencers like Huda Beauty or Chloé B have already adopted it.  

Colorful makeup: new trends to enhance your look 

 What if you enhanced your look with colorful , original and creative makeup? This new make-up trend that dares to use colors is about to become the new fashion of the moment. 

Flashy eyeshadow and colorful eyeliner 

Having become viral on social networks, colorful makeup with its flashy and eye-catching shades advocates the originality and beauty of colors to highlight your look . How to apply eye makeup in a colorful and flashy way? Here is an easy and foolproof technique to achieve your colorful makeup for sure: 

  1. Apply an eyeshadow primer to smooth the surface of your skin and prevent makeup from getting stuck in the creases of your eyelid .  
  1. Apply a flashy shade (blue, green, pink, orange, yellow) of your choice to your mobile eyelid. You can possibly choose to mix several colors, but neverexceed four different shades.  
  1. To further emphasize your eyes, consider redrawing the curves of your lower eyelid using one of the colors you used for your upper eyelid.  
  1. Draw a line of black eyeliner and finish your makeup with black or colored mascara. Finally, the ideal way to finish your eye makeup in style is to finish with a touch of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye for a guaranteed healthy glow!  

If you want a more sober makeup look, you can opt for colored eyeliner . To do this, simply draw an eyeliner line in the color of your choice. Don’t hesitate to dare flashy shades like blue, orange, pink or green. And finally, apply your mascara to give the final touch. 


Colorful eyelash and eyebrow makeup 

It is also possible to enhance your look with originality by applying makeup to your eyebrows and eyelashes . To do this, nothing could be simpler, you will simply need, after having carefully brushed your eyebrows and used an eyebrow fixing gel , apply an eye shadow base in the color of your complexion and then apply an eye shadow of the color you want. Be careful, however, with the combination of colors! Remember to harmonize the colors well and choose colors that will go with the natural color of your eyes. 

When it comes to your eyelashes, opt for colored mascaras . The most trendy colors currently are blue, purple, orange, pink, green and white. 

What makeup shades should you choose based on the color of your eyes? 

So that your eyebrow and eye makeup always remains harmonious and your eyes are enhanced, it is important to choose shades that will naturally enhance the color of your eyes. 

Blue eyes 

If you have blue eyes, almost any color will suit you. However, the shades to favor are light tones, orange or beige shades. Pink shades, for their part, will highlight the blue color of your eyes with a striking contrast effect. Black or colored eyeliner with a doe-eye effect is perfect for blue eyes, it widens your eyes and highlights the naturally light color of your eyes. 


Green eyes 

When you have green eyes, the colors to favor are purple and plum tones. Pastel or copper tones are also perfect for enhancing your green eyes. Nude colors can also be an interesting alternative. They allow you to achieve a sober and fresh make-up for a healthy glow throughout the day. 

On the other hand, if you opt for colorful makeup , purple mascara can also give an original effect and allow you to effectively highlight the natural beauty of your eyes. 


Brown eyes 

When you have brown or dark eyes, it is better to avoid pastel tones and colors that are too light, especially if you have dark skin. Indeed, when choosing the shades of your make-up, it is important to also take into account the color of your complexion . 

For brown eyes, choose midnight blue, brown shades, gray or even khaki. Gold can also be a great asset to elegantly enhance your look . Finally, to highlight the color of black or dark eyes, there is nothing like a line of eyeliner or kohl with black or electric blue mascara.

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