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Article: SOS scattered eyebrows: what solutions?

SOS scattered eyebrows: what solutions?

Are your eyebrows naturally not very full or did hair removal go wrong? Do not panic ! Solutions exist to reshape and flesh out the curves of your eyebrows in order to enhance your look even better. Makeup or long-lasting solutions, you are sure to find the solution that suits you best.  

Make-up tips to fill in sparse eyebrows 

Whether your eyebrows are naturally sparse or a waxing session didn't have the desired effect, makeup can help reshape your eyebrows and give them a fuller effect . 

Specific care for eyebrows 

If your eyebrows are sparse and sparse , you can try to stimulate their growth by starting with a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, avoiding stress, sleeping well, etc.). Hygiene of your eyebrows is also very important, if you wear makeup, remember to clean them every day with a suitable makeup remover , in order to remove any dead skin or other residue that may have been deposited there. 

On the other hand, you can also do treatments for your eyebrows such as scrubs and exfoliations. It is also important to hydrate them . Choose castor oil (or coconut oil) which activates hair growth . Also remember to clean your makeup utensils well and renew your products regularly so that you only use quality products on your eyebrows.  

Makeup to restructure your eyes 

Makeup allows you to redo your eyebrows so that the line is as harmonious as possible. Ideally, your eyebrow line begins on the vertical line that runs through the inner edge of the bridge of your nose and ends at the oblique line that runs from the bridge of your nose to the outer edge of your nose. eye . 

One of the solutions to fill the gaps left by sparse eyebrows or failed hair removal is to first clean your eyebrows well. You can brush them with a clean mascara brush to remove dead skin and other deposits. Then, using a pencil of the same color as your hair , draw small lines to fill in and gradually shape the eyebrow you want to have. Finally, you can finish this makeup by applying an eyebrow mascara which acts as a fixative so that your makeup lasts all day. Some experts even recommend using a concealer under the eyebrow to further emphasize the natural curve of your eyebrows and thus widen your eyes . You can of course replace this concealer with eye shadow in light and luminous shades. 

More permanent solutions to reshape your eyebrows 

Are you not comfortable with makeup or don't have time every morning to redraw your eyebrows with pencil? So why not opt ​​for a more sustainable solution. Permanent makeup can be an effective alternative to finally having the eyebrows of your dreams . 


Microblading like microshading is a permanent makeup technique which involves implanting a colored pigment using a needle under the skin. The implantation techniques are the same, what differs, however, are the methods of applying the colored pigment. The two methods can of course complement each other for an even more natural result. 

The particularity of microblading is that it tries to reproduce fine lines similar to the natural hairs of your eyelashes . This technique is therefore ideal for filling in the gaps in your eyebrows or for recreating a non-existent eyebrow. This technique is therefore ideal for people who do not want to wear makeup every day . 


Microshading is a technique that uses points with blurred edges . This allows you to effectively redraw the line of your eyebrows in addition to makeup. Permanent makeup sessions take approximately 45 minutes. The first step is to draw the perfect shape of your eyebrows according to your desires and the shape of your face. Then, the beautician proceeds to implant the colored pigment using a needle and suitable equipment. It takes on average two to three sessions to achieve fully satisfactory results. 


Is the result definitive? 

Permanent makeup is not a tattoo. It is therefore not definitive . It is true that dermo-pigmentation does not really disappear. However, this eventually fades and clears up. This is why you need to maintain your makeup by going to the salon once at regular intervals. This will allow you to retouch the line of your eyebrows if necessary and to re-emphasize the pigmentation of your permanent makeup . 

As you will have understood, sparse eyebrows are not a problem and there are many solutions available to you to camouflage them! 

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