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Article: False eyelashes vs. Eyelash extensions: what is right for me?

False eyelashes vs. Eyelash extensions: what is right for me?

Makeup ( eye shadow , mascara , eyeliner ) gives the possibility of sublimating and enlarging your glance . But , for a perfect make -up , it takes time ! Unfortunately , we we don't have not every hour in front us every morning For We make up as he must . It is Why opt for false eyelashes , or to have eyelash extensions applied , can turn out be a way effective For have , in all circumstances , a sublime and exceptional look .  

False eyelashes: an economical and temporary solution 

Applying false eyelashes is quite simple to do and allows you to quickly add volume to your eyelashes to enhance your look. 

The different types of false eyelashes 

False eyelashes are eyelashes that you can generally apply yourself, with a little patience, in front of the mirror. It is possible to opt for different styles. Like an eyelash lift , certain types of false eyelashes give volume to your eyelashes , while others will have a more natural look. 

False eyelashes are available in several colors, with or without rhinestones, or even with patterns. 

In total, there are 3 distinct types of false eyelashes : 

  • Half false eyelashes: they are placed on half of the lash line, on the outer side of the eye. The result is quite natural.  
  • Full fringes: they are placed on the entire upper lash line. Commonly , they are often supplied in a kit with glue and everything needed to give volume to your eyes.  
  • Individual false eyelashes: they are sold in small packages, they allow you to fill in areas where your eyelashes are less full.  

On the other hand, you should know that false eyelashes are glued to your natural eyelashes, either by glue or by a magnetic process which works using small magnets. The advantage of this formula is that magnetic false eyelashes are reusable and can generally be used longer than glue false eyelashes . 

Finally, false eyelashes are easily found in stores (supermarkets or cosmetic product stores). Their price can vary, depending on the quality, from approximately €5 to €50. 

Tips for applying false eyelashes 

Here is a quick and simple technique for applying your false eyelashes: 

  1. Adjust the size of the false eyelashes to your eye (feel free to trim them).  
  2. Apply the glue to your lash line, then leave for a few minutes.  
  3. Apply your false eyelashes starting from the inner side of the eye, it is important to place them precisely on the line of your natural eyelashes.  
  4. Hold down for about ten seconds and that's it, that's it!  

Eyelash extensions: a sustainable alternative for a more natural result 

Eyelash extensions consist of applying artificial eyelashes one by one to your natural eyelashes in order to increase their volume and length. Given that we have on average more than 200 eyelashes, an eyelash extension application lasts at least 1 hour 30 minutes. This technique can only be carried out in an institute, because it requires specific know-how and professional equipment . 

Its cost can vary between €60 and up to €200 for a Russian volume eyelash extension in one of our Workshops. However, eyelash extensions can last several weeks or even a month. Generally, touch-ups are necessary after a few weeks. Depending on the type of extensions performed, it may be recommended to give your eyelashes some time to rest so that the natural eyelash returns to its place. 

Eyelash extensions vs. False eyelashes: which one to choose? 

Depending on your needs, habits and desires, both solutions may suit you. How to choose and navigate? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes and eyelash extensions! 




Eyelash extensions 


  • Long-lasting (3 weeks, even a month)  


  • Natural effect  



  • Choice of tailor-made eyelash volume (length, curvature)  




  • The cost  


  • Sometimes restrictive recommendations (24 hours after installation, you must not wet your extensions and you must use oil-free cosmetic products)  


Fake eyelashes 


  • The price  


  • Possibility of infinitely varying styles from one day to the next  


  • Relatively easy installation  


  • Some brands are reusable (magnetic false eyelashes)  



  • Cannot be kept for more than 24 hours  
  • Depending on quality, may come off after a few hours  



In short, both solutions can be interesting. False eyelashes may be preferred if you want to have a “sublime look” just for an evening or for a special occasion (birthday, wedding, important event). On the other hand, if you want to maintain a sublime look in the long term , eyelash extensions seem to be the solution to consider.

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