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Article: How to choose the right tweezers?

How to choose the right tweezers?

Tweezers are a beauty tool that has been used for centuries, but still remains very popular today. Used for eyebrow hair removal or to perfect the hair removal of other parts of your body, tweezers are an essential tool to absolutely have in your makeup bag. But how to choose it ? Indeed, faced with the countless models of tweezers, it can be difficult to make your choice.  

What are the different types of tweezers?  

There are different models of tweezers which differ mainly in their jaws. That is to say in terms of the shape of their ends (pointed, round, square, etc.). 


Straight or square tweezers  

This type of tweezers is a classic model that is found quite often. Its edges are flat, which allows it to remove the thickest hairs without breaking them. This is why it is frequently favored by men. In addition, these tweezers are ideal for finishing or, on the contrary, starting hair removal and removing excess hair. However, it is not necessarily suitable for facial hair removal, as it may lack precision.  

Beveled tweezers  

These are the most common tweezers. Its edges are inclined , which gives it great precision and allows it to remove even the most inaccessible hairs . Ideal for hair removal in sensitive areas (eyebrows, chin, upper lip or bikini line), beveled tweezers are always present in a professional's beauty kit. 

Crab tweezers  

These tweezers have curved and inwardly curved edges . This allows it to remove the finest and shortest hairs without breaking them. This type of tweezers is perfect for finishing waxing or eyebrow waxing . 

Pointed tweezers  

Pointed tweezers are mainly used to remove ingrown hairs or splinters and thorns that may have embedded themselves in your skin. This type of tweezers is also mainly used by professionals who practice electrolysis. This technique consists of burning the hair and then removing it manually. 


Using tweezers correctly: instructions for use  

Once you have chosen the model of tweezers that suits you according to your needs, it is important to opt for a model that will be adapted to the size of your hand . This will allow you to use your tweezers better and obtain a more precise result. In general, the size of tweezers can vary between 8 and 15 cm . 

On the other hand, many variations exist with decorations and patterns of all kinds. However, it is better to choose metal tweezers , as they are easier to clean. Luminous tweezers can also be an interesting alternative, since they will allow you to see all the hairs, even the finest. 


Finally, once you have your tweezers in hand, here are some tips for using them properly and having a beautiful eyebrow shape : 


  1. Disinfect your tweezers and the area to be tweezed with an antiseptic solution.  
  2. With one hand, stretch the skin which corresponds to the surface to be epilated and with the other hand remove the hair using your tweezers. This way, the operation will be less painful and you will damage your skin less.  
  3. Remember to always pull the hair in the direction in which it is installed, to prevent the root from breaking (the objective being to remove the hair along with its root).  
  4. Disinfect the area that was waxed a second time, as well as your tweezers.  
  5. For sensitive skin, you can apply a moisturizer to finish your hair removal session.  


Going to an Institute: is this synonymous with a better quality service?  

It is true that you can remove hair alone . However, if you do not feel comfortable enough to do it yourself, you can go to an institute. 

Going to a specialized beauty salon means having the certainty that the people who will take care of you are professional beauticians . You will therefore have the guarantee that your hair removal or eyebrow restructuring will be done according to the rules of the art. 

The best thing, if you are not used to hair removal, is to do your first hair removal sessions in a salon to get off to a good start and get expert advice from professionals. Then, when you feel ready, you can little by little take care of it yourself. 

Also take into consideration that removing hair yourself may take longer . While eyebrow waxing in an institute is very quick (no more than ten minutes) especially if it is done regularly. 

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