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Article: Quick, quick makeup for the holidays!

Quick, quick makeup for the holidays!

Running out of inspiration or time to achieve beautiful makeup for the holiday season? Do not panic ! L'Atelier du Sourcil shows you how to create a look that is sure to cause a stir.

Between preparing for festivities and gifts, choosing an outfit and lots of other everyday things to deal with, it's not always easy to devote time to your makeup. We end up putting on makeup as usual. If a nice daytime make-up is a good idea, we like to put a little fantasy in our beauty look in this festive period. Thus, the Eyebrow Workshop gives you all the steps for a make-up as fast as it is breathtaking that will make an impression on both Christmas and New Years.

For eyes

To prevent eye shadow drops from ruining makeup, it's a good idea to start with the eyes. We start by wiping the eyelids with a tissue or cotton wool and then apply a special fixing base. Preferably choose an illuminating base that will unify the skin, intensify the pigments and allow the make-up to hold throughout the day or night. For those in a hurry, we can be satisfied with a stroke eyeliner in a bold color. Metallic shades are particularly trendy and immediately add a dose of glamor to makeup. If we can afford all the fantasies, we bet on universal shades such as gold or copper to ensure a faultless. You can also line your eyelid with a pretty festive color or, if you have a little more time, make a smoky eye. We always start with the soft and pale color that we apply to the entire eyelid. It is then intensified with more intense metallic or shimmering eyeshadows. For more definition, add a little black or brown pencil along the upper and lower lashes. We advise you our eye pencil Les Gemmes rich in pigment for a bewitching look. Don't forget the mascara, which is applied in a zigzag motion to the upper lashes and optionally to the lower lashes.

For the complexion

If the emphasis is on the eyes, it is important to favor a fresh and light complexion. You start by hydrating your skin with a moisturizer, which will prepare it for makeup. Apply a foundation or a tinted baby cream all over the face. You can do this with a brush for more coverage or with a sponge or even with your fingers for a more natural result. We choose a shade similar to his complexion to avoid any demarcation.

Then apply a concealer under the eyes in a "V" shape and on any imperfections. Then, you blend well by tapping with your finger or with a slightly moistened sponge.

To set makeup and mattify the skin, apply powder with a brush all over the face. You can choose either the color of your skin tone or simply a translucent powder to perfectly even out the complexion. We apply a little blush on the cheekbones and we can stretch it to the temples for a beauty look which is in tune with the times. Indeed, blush is one of the essential makeup products of the year. It goes beyond the borders of the cheeks and can be found on the temples and sometimes even on the eyelids, chin and the tip of the nose to immediately refresh and illuminate the make-up.

If you have a few extra minutes, you can apply a little highlighter to the level of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and above the lips at the level of Cupid's bow.

For the eyebrows

For a successful festive make-up, it is essential to make up your eyebrows to frame the look. For a quick and easy filling of your line, we recommend our felt Browline For a microblading effect. Eyebrows are cleaned with a tissue to remove residue from make-up or cosmetics and brushed with a clean pin. With the fork-shaped applicator, the bow is swept upwards from the head and then in the middle before ending with a single swiping on the tail of the eyebrow. In just a few seconds, your line will be harmonious and defined to enhance your look. To highlight your bow, you can deposit a bit of highlighter below the eyebrow arch.

For lips

If you use glittery or metallic eyeshadows, you prefer to stay sober for the rest of the makeup. Thus, we focus instead on shades nude and matte colors to complete the make-up without overdoing it. If you want to make a beauty look more sophisticated, we will choose a deep red or a beautiful burgundy, currently very trendy.

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