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Article: Why and how to relax your eyes and eyebrows?

Why and how to relax your eyes and eyebrows?

A lot of tension is hidden in our bodies, faces and eyes. Whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, it's important to relax the entire eye area. But how do we get out of these tensions?

Our face, especially the area around our eyes and eyebrows, is made up of many muscles that are not always suspected. Some muscles are responsible for our vision, so training them is important for many reasons. First of all, keep your eyes healthy, avoid migraine and wear glasses too early. Stimulating and relaxing her facial muscles also helps reshape her oval shape and show her beautiful expression. Muscles need a little stimulation when they can't replenish blood well and drain all stagnant lymph from the face. With exercise, you can reduce swelling and detoxify the whole face. So relax and release the toxin, it will look brighter and the skin will be healthier A broader vision.

Relaxing facial muscles also helps Anti aging effect On the skin. When the muscles are tight, the epidermis begins to bend and wrinkle. The muscles that relax are the biggest, so the skin above is tense. But when it contracts, especially when you bend your eyes or raise your eyebrows, it gets smaller and smaller. In this case, the skin will bend and wrinkles will inevitably increase. What's the good news? Self massage and facial yoga practice help to learn how to relax tension and relax muscles to eliminate wrinkles. It also helps to detoxify the face, because a tight muscle is a muscle full of toxins, which can cause skin problems.

What causes facial and eye tension?

We open our eyes as soon as we wake up, and they open their eyes all day, more or less under pressure. "Our faces are the focus of our emotions"Ania explained that she was a face yoga teacher and a teacher Facebook yoga studio-Yes. In fact, we express ourselves in our own voice, but also thank our faces, for example, when we are surprised, happy or sad or afraid. The face constantly conveys our feelings Conscious or not. We tend to simulate automatically without realizing it, without benefiting us. Page of "Imitation masks stick to our skin"Finally Creates tension and wrinkles-Yes. This happens when we bend our eyes or forehead to focus, or when we are surprised. As time goes on, the turnover cycle of collagen and elastin becomes slower and slower. Electronic stability control systembad habit"And then it's going to do more and more damage to the skin.

How to relax eyebrow muscle?

Annia and eyebrow studio shared a simple little exercise to relax the eyebrow muscles. You only need to use your hands, so you can do it anytime, anywhere during the day. When your thumb is on an adult, you can bend your fingers except your index finger. The index finger bends over the other fingers and looks like a snail. We put it on the eyebrows, on the nose. The movement from eyebrows to temples is always on the outside of the face-Yes. The sport relaxed the muscles of the eyebrows, which is why the lion wrinkles. Therefore, it is necessary to practice relaxation by stretching out to smooth the fold. You can do that Dry or oil massageEspecially if the skin is dry or tingling.

How to relax the eye muscles?

To relax your eyes, you can start with the round muscles of the eye. This helps detoxify, circulates the lymph, and thus avoids swelling. We always realize Move out Whether it's with melon sand or with your fingers. We practice self massage Very gentle and kind Because the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive.

The index finger is placed on the inside of the corner of the eye, extending from one angle to another, and then moving back a few millimeters. Then repeat the action until it reaches the end of the outer corner of the eye. EC company Wave motion It can discharge lymph much slower than blood flow. Therefore, it must be slow and gentle. Press gently to practice Very light pressure-Yes. Dry massage is possible. On the other hand, when continuous exercise is being carried out, Anita recommends using oil so that the skin does not stick and produce unnecessary wrinkles. This is counterproductive, because exercise usually smoothes the skin and eliminates wrinkles.

How often should the muscles of the eyes and eyebrows relax?

You have to know that most of the muscles in the face are intertwined, worked and communicated. Then we work on the whole face, not one by one, because the muscles of the eyes are connected to the muscles of the forehead. These little massage can be done at any timeOh, my God! When you feel nervous about your eyes and even your temples, it's important to take a few seconds to relax your eyebrows and relax your eyes before you are nervous. Prevention is better than treatment. After a long time on the screen, you spend time relaxing your eyes, not only to prevent migraine, but also to prevent wrinkles.

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