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Article: Match the color of her eyebrows to that of her hair, the trend that is gaining traction!

Match the color of her eyebrows to that of her hair, the trend that is gaining traction!

Red, platinum blonde, but also blue or purple eyebrows, perfectly matched to hair color, are beginning to invade social networks. Looks like this is the next big trend to watch!

Naturally, eyebrow hair is generally a shade very similar to that of the hairline. This is why to complete your line, makeup artists always advise choosing products whose color resembles that of our natural hair. Usually, this is also a shade that suits our skin tone.

This year, the wearing of the compulsory mask has put the eyes and eyebrows at the center of attention. The biggest makeup trends of 2020 are simply about the eyes. To put a little joy in his daily life, fanciful make-ups are currently very popular. We experiment, we dare and above all, we have fun!

For some time now, eyebrow discoloration has attracted more and more followers on social media. Nevertheless, a new trend is emerging on the Web. Platinum blonde eyebrows but also blue, red or purple invade Instagram and Tik Tok. Why ? Quite simply because the most knowledgeable beautystas have decided to match the color of their eyebrows with those of their hair. While this is not the easiest trend to wear, we have to admit that the results are quite convincing. This is a look to try out perhaps at the end of the year celebrations to give them some originality.

How to choose your eyebrow color?

The very first step is to choose your hair color. Polar blonde is still very trendy this year and is not about to lose popularity. This winter, we particularly like the color aubergine, pink, strawberry blond, red, deep red and gray. However, it is possible to color your hair as you wish.

Before you go ahead and make a hairstylist's appointment, make sure you find an eyebrow tint kit that is the same color or a shade very similar to your hair color. Obviously, some colors are much easier to find than others.

How to match the color of your eyebrows to that of your hair?

There are several ways to match the color of her eyebrows with that of her hair to create a bold and surprising look.

It is first possible to visit an institute to check if it offers the desired color. Otherwise, you can go to a beauty salon having bought your own eyebrow tint. The professional will then use the product for optimal results. It is always preferable to call in a specialist esthetician, especially when working around an area as sensitive as the eyes.

You can obviously tint your eyebrows at home, the main thing is to be vigilant. At least 24 hours before coloring your hairline, apply a little product behind the ear. If the skin does not react, we can start dyeing his bow.

The coloring cream and color activator liquid are then mixed together, which should be combined with each other and well mixed equally.

You also prepare your skin to receive the product. Like hair dyes, eyebrow dyes are semi-permanent products. Thus, they can stain the skin, especially if the shade is dark. We then use cream or petroleum jelly around the eyebrows. However, be careful not to apply it to the hairs as this will prevent the dye from adhering.

Using an applicator, a brush or even a cotton swab, the dye is applied to all of the brow hairs. If you stick out a bit on the skin, clean it off with the cotton swab. The coloring is left to act for a few minutes, the exposure time is normally indicated on the kit leaflet. If not, do not leave the tincture on for more than 10 minutes. Finish by removing the dye with a damp cotton ball.

Make-up can be a great alternative to tinting the eyebrows. Just choose a pencil or eye shadow in the color of her hair. You fill your eyebrows as usual by creating small hatches. You can fix everything using our Browshape transparent fixing gel or with a colored mascara for even more intensity. A rather simple technique for an effect that will not go unnoticed!

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