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Article: Why does the January detox improve the beauty of the eyes?

Why does the January detox improve the beauty of the eyes?

The month of January is often synonymous with detox after the little excesses of the holiday season. If eliminating toxins is very good for the body, it is also reflected in the skin and eyes.

The month of January has arrived and with it good resolutions. At the start of the year, we often talk about a detox cure as well as Dry January which involves stopping alcohol consumption for a month. The end of the year celebrations are conducive to little excesses. While knowing how to indulge yourself is essential, detoxifying your body is also a good idea to get started on the right foot.

During this famous January cure, it is abouteliminate toxins of the body by adopting a healthy diet, by completely stopping alcohol consumption but also by taking care of your skin, in particular by carefully choosing your care and makeup. This detox can last from a week to a month. It allows you to feel better in your body, to recharge the batteries, to clarify the skin and to display a radiant complexion and a clear look, full of liveliness.

The first step in this detox is to to drink a lot of water. It may seem obvious and simple, but drinking water is one of the beauty secrets to maintaining a healthy body, but also beautiful skin and a dreamlike mane. A good daily intake of water helps the body to successfully eliminate all toxins that can cause blemishes or wrinkles on the skin, especially in the eyes because the epidermis is much thinner and tends to mark more quickly.

Which diet to favor during a detox cure?

For at least a week, focus on fresh, healthy food. Sugar, processed foods and alcohol are avoided as much as possible to eliminate toxins. We prefer vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and oily fish. Cooking vegetables destroys a lot of enzymes, which are necessary for a healthy body. Thus, the detox cure is even more effective when eating raw foods. It can be consumed in particular through tasty smoothies. In addition to helping you feel more fit, it quickly improves the appearance of the skin, which will be much clearer. For a radiant look of health, we recommend red fruits, citrus fruits as well as foods rich in vitamin E like almonds, hazelnuts but also avocados, spinach, broccoli and all green vegetables in general. Their high content of antioxidants, in particular in vitamin C, makes it possible to fight against the free radicals responsible for skin aging. Green tea is one of the body's best detox allies because it eliminates toxins and fats and lowers sugar levels. It also fights free radicals and helps the skin to retain its suppleness and elasticity.

For healthy eyes, it is necessary to limit or even completely stop its alcohol consumption because this can generate several eye problems such as dry eyes. In addition, alcohol tends to increase the volume of blood vessels in the eyes, resulting in a bloodshot look but also itching, irritation and even fluctuations in vision. By stopping alcohol consumption, the eyes regain their whiteness and shine and the skin is much less marked by signs of fatigue thanks to better circulation. Goodbye bags, dark circles and even dehydration lines!

What detox treatments for my skin?

During a detox treatment, the skin needs to be rebalanced in order to glow. One of the most common problems is dehydration which can cause fine lines to appear, especially in the eyes. It is therefore important to rehydrate deeply using a hydrating or antioxidant serum that will provide the skin with the nutrients it needs. We do not forget the moisturizer and eye contour care, enriched with caffeine and / or hyaluronic acid, to restore radiance to the eyes. Late nights can actually damage the delicate eye area because lack of sleep leads to dark circles and puffiness. It is therefore essential to take the time to rest but also to choose appropriate care. Products fortified with vitamin C are also a good idea to brighten up the eyes.

During a detox cure, we focus on as little makeup as possible. Good news, minimalism is one of the biggest trends of 2021! You keep your skin bare, simply hydrated, you can add a touch of mascara and simply fix your eyebrows with our transparent fixing gel Browshape. If you want to apply makeup, we prefer mineral makeup so as not to clog the pores. No matter which option you choose, make-up removal is essential to maintain skin and a radiant look.

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