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Article: Multitasking makeup or the trick to saving time in the bathroom

Multitasking makeup or the trick to saving time in the bathroom

Who does not dream of achieving all of their makeup with just one product or almost? Multitasking make-up is more and more trendy and saves us a lot of time in the morning. Here are the products to have in your bathroom!

While naturalness is currently one of the biggest beauty trends, women are always looking for more simplicity and practicality. Multitasking makeup is increasingly popular with all-in-one products offered by many brands. Whether it's to save time in the morning or to save space while traveling, versatility is always appreciated. Several makeup products allow multiple uses. Here is a list of those to have in your make-up kit!

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is an essential makeup product to always have on hand. Of course, it allows to intensify, illuminate but also to structure the gaze. If we are used to applying it to the eyelids as the name suggests, it can replace many other products. First of all, it can turn into eyeliner whether it's black, brown, colored or glitter because eye shadows usually come in many more shades than eyeliners. You can apply it by wetting your angled brush a little to gain pigmentation and you're done.

Eyeshadow can also be useful for fill the eyebrows, it will then replace the powder or the pencil. We choose a matte and neutral shade, close to the color of his hair. It also helps to color her eyebrows temporarily for a bold and fun look, perfect for certain occasions.

An eye shadow in pink or even orange tones can also replace blush to bring freshness to the cheekbones. A brown shade can be used as a bronzer while an iridescent or glitter eye shadow can highlight the rounded parts of the face like a highlighter.


The blush trend of 2020 continues this year. The blush again goes beyond the borders of our cheekbones. It can be applied as an eye shadow to subtly illuminate the eyes. Blushes with a liquid or cream texture can replace lipstick. It is a product that allows you to quickly adopt the trend of monochrome makeup.


The concealer is essential for unifying the complexion and illuminating the eyes by erasing traces of fatigue. It can also be used as a corrector to correct small imperfections to ensure a perfect complexion. It can also be used as a eyelid primer in order to unify them and ensure that the eyeshadows adhere better.

For a lighter and more natural effect than a highlighter iridescent or glittery, a concealer is a very good alternative to highlight the points of light of the face. Indeed, one chooses his concealer always lighter than his foundation, about a half tone lighter than that of his complexion. Thus, we can apply a little product under the brow bone, at the top of the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and even on the chin. Using our concealer concealer Mineclat, your face will be gently illuminated for the most natural results.

The pencil

Another extremely versatile product is the eye pencil. It is not only used as an eyeliner but it can also be transformed into an eye shadow. In particular, it makes it possible to smoky eyes in no time. We advise you our eye pencil Les Gemmes to apply it to the base of your lashes before degrading it with an applicator brush for an intense look.  The eye pencil can also replace the pencil for the eyebrows to fill the bow. Simply choose a color similar to that of your hair and draw its line as usual. By also highlighting the lashes, this will offer a very natural look.

Lipstick and gloss

Following the mandatory wearing of the mask, lipsticks and glosses have been put in the closet. However, there are many ways to use them.

If blush can be used to replace lipstick, the reverse is also possible. Simply place a little product on the cheekbones and fade well to mimic the blush. Lipstick can also be used on the eyes as satin eyeshadow, shades of pink, purple and red are particularly trendy. Festive lipsticks in golden colours can also be improvised as a highlighter to bring light to the face.

As for the gloss, it can be used alone on the eyelids for a wet and natural effect or on top of a blush to bring even more dimension. Whichever option you choose, glossy eyelids are very popular this winter!

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