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Article: Fluffy brows: All our tips for adopting the fluffy eyebrow trend

Fluffy brows: All our tips for adopting the fluffy eyebrow trend

Fluffy brows still follow the trend for thick, defined brows but are intended to be more natural and wild. However, sporting "fluffy" eyebrows requires knowing a few tips for great results.

In 2021, the eyebrows will still be thick, well defined but looking very natural. The trend of fluffy brows or fluffy eyebrows do not intend to retreat. She is inspired by the brow lamination, a technique that gives volume and thickness with a brushed effect to the hairline. The eyebrows then look very natural, as if they had just been disciplined with a brush.

In reality, the fluffy brows require a little more work. In fact, to obtain an optimal result, you start by brushing your eyebrows well upwards using a clean brush. We then use a eyebrow pencil thin to create the illusion of small hairs by drawing small crosshatchs to fill in sparse areas. We always choose a shade similar to that of his hair for natural makeup. Then opt for a tinted gel or not to create a more voluminous and defined line. We always brush upwards to stretch the hairs in order to give an impression of thickness. We finish by fixing with a fixing gel like our our transparent fixing gel Browshape to keep your line in place throughout the day.

For the makeup of the eyebrows to be perfect, they should not be neglected because the hairs are fine and delicate. Some mistakes can prevent you from getting the results you want. But do not panic ! You just need to know a few tips for a full, harmonious and above all soft line!

Avoid too much waxing

Hair removal restructures and cleans the eyebrow. However, the tweezers or any other hair removal technique should not be overused so as not to damage the skin or hair. The more we epilate, the more we put microtrauma to the root of the hair, which can gradually damage the hair follicle. Once it is dead, the hair will no longer grow back even after using a serum.

While waxing, you can also pull out unwanted hair or fluff, which can lead to even more unruly hair. We then just clean the eyebrow by removing the hair in the direction of growth. We avoid embarking on a restructuring, we prefer to entrust our bow to a professional about once a month. Between two dates, the best is quite simply to let your eyebrows grow quietly!

Do not neglect the serum

It is important to take care of your eyebrows by moisturizing and nourishing them to keep them healthy. You can opt for castor oil or a serum enriched with keratin, the protein which is the main constituent of the hair shaft. Serums containing biotin or peptides are also recommended to boost hair growth. We recommend the revitalizing eyebrow treatment Revitabrow Advanced which treats the visible signs of aging of the hairs, strengthens them and makes them silkier.

Opt for good dietary supplements

Taking care of your skin, hair and even eyebrows goes from the inside out too. Some exterior problems are actually symptoms of interior problems. Thus, it may be helpful to take biotin and collagen supplements. Studies have shown that these two assets have a strong impact on the growth of hair and eyebrows in women who consume them in the form of dietary supplements. In addition, biotin and collagen are very good active ingredients for taking care of your skin and nails.

Never go against the natural shape of the eyebrows

To display beautiful fluffy brows, it is essential that the eyebrows look natural. For this, it is advisable to always follow the natural shape of your line. If our eyebrows are rounded, for example, we keep them rounded and we stay away from our tweezers. You can possibly change its shape slightly using the eyebrow pencil, the goal is to use makeup with subtlety. We then brush the eyebrows upwards but following the natural shape of the arch and without doing "too much". When filling your eyebrows, keep your hand light and follow the implantation of your hairline. The result will be more beautiful and the eyebrows will appear softer than ever!

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