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Article: What does the trend of "skinimalism" mean for eye makeup?

What does the trend of "skinimalism" mean for eye makeup?

In this new year 2021, one of the big beauty trends that promises to make some noise is the "skinimalism", a makeup geared towards minimalism and naturalness. But what does this really mean for our eye makeup?

The year 2020 has completely changed our relationship with beauty and makeup. During the various confinements, many women decided to try home and natural care, while focusing as much as possible on their personal well-being.

From now on, we focus less on make-up but rather on skin, eye and lip care. This minimalist approach to beauty is inspired by the latest trend "skip-care", understand "skip care", which is becoming more and more popular in South Korea. It is about keeping only the essentials for your beauty routine in order to keep only a minimum of products. The goal is to take care of your skin doing less but better in order to let her breathe and return to a much more natural beauty.

Minimalism gradually took hold in 2020 during the first confinement and it is ready to conquer the world of beauty in 2021. The "skinimalism"is fast becoming the big trend of this coming year. What does that mean? Simply less makeup, less beauty products, healthier compositions to leave skin bare and unveil its natural beauty. The "skinimalism"does not advocate absolutely perfect skin, like photoshopped. On the contrary, we assume our skin naturally without worrying about small imperfections in order to move away from these unrealistic standards of beauty. We then focus on the "glow" by focusing on hydration to display a luminous and healthy face.

What does this mean for makeup?

The year 2020 and the trend "skinimalism"will they mark the end of make-up? Well no! This trend goes even further than nude make-up. We are simply heading towards smoother and lighter textures in particular for foundation, blusher or even concealer. We forget about techniques like contouring and we prefer to use a hint of blush on the cheekbones, eyes, tip of nose and chin to add freshness to makeup while remaining natural. The highlighter is still relevant to enhance the "glow". We choose preferably liquid or cream textures for its two products because they blend better on the skin and therefore provide more naturalness.

Towards minimalist eye makeup?

Getting back to basics and natural beauty doesn't mean forgetting to put a little daring touch in your makeup routine. In 2020, the wearing of the compulsory mask has put the accent on the gaze. The eyes and eyebrows are always the center of attention and intend to remain so.

If the skin of the face remains bare, the eyes can add a touch of fantasy to the beauty look. It is true that we like mascaras with a natural effect. We then choose a black mascara or brown and we just deposit a single layer on the upper lashes with a zig zag movement. For more definition, do not forget to curl them beforehand with our eyelash curler for perfectly deployed eyelash fringes. For a very natural look, you can also be satisfied with a transparent mascara or even better, a care oil or castor to give a nice wet effect while strengthening the eyelashes. If natural mascaras are the order of the day, colored mascaras will once again be a great idea, perfectly in tune with the times; to invigorate his gaze in a single gesture!

The graphic eyeliner lines have not finished winning over us, as well as the bold colors that will continue to be trendy this year. We let ourselves be tempted by bright yellow "Illuminating ", one of the two Pantone colors of 2021. This fresh and sunny hue will instantly bring a welcome little pop of pop to the eyes. We also like colbalt blue, green, pink and vibrant purple.

On the eye shadow side, shimmering colors are once again essential. At the start of the year, we also like metallic eye shadows to bring dimension and depth to the eyes, especially by creating smoky eyes.

As for eyebrows, 2021 is not the year that will mark the end of thick, well-defined lines. However, we are getting closer and closer to naturalness by opting for the fluffy eyebrow trend.

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