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Article: Tinting, eyelash enhancement, false eyelashes... These techniques to enhance your look!

Tinting, eyelash enhancement, false eyelashes... These techniques to enhance your look!

Many techniques exist to intensify the gaze. From false eyelashes to permanent make-up, a whole range of care dedicated to eyelashes is available to you to sublimate your look on all occasions.

Do you find your eyelashes too short, sparse or not curved enough ? No worries ! Many techniques are available to you to remedy your small imperfections and sublimate your eyes for flawless doe eyes. But, what technique should be favored to intensify your gaze ? Discover the different possible techniques and which one to choose in your situation. 

Eyelash tinting for a lasting effect  

Dyeing your eyelashes highlights your look by intensifying the color of your hair. Generally, black or dark tints are preferred, as they are more visible and further amplify the natural shape and color of your eyes. 

An eyelash tint lasts an average of 3 to 4 weeks . This corresponds to the lifespan of your eyelashes. This alternative is interesting, since it allows you to enjoy boosted eyelash color without having to apply any make-up and benefiting from a long-lasting effect, which remains intact even during sports or swimming. Only drawback, this technique is not ideal if you have sparse eyelashes, because the dye will not change the density of your eyelashes. However, it still allows you to highlight your lashes without resorting to an overly complex technique . 

Lash lift for maximum curl  

This technique makes it possible to intensify the curvature of your eyelashes , having a "curving" effect in particular on the base of the eyelash. Eyelash lift is particularly effective for people with short, thick eyelashes . An eyelash enhancement lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks and can be coupled with a tint , if necessary. An eyelash enhancement session lasts approximately three quarters of an hour. However, be careful not to abuse this technique too often . Space the enhancements so as not to damage your lashes in the long run. 

On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to carry out this technique in an institute, because it requires a certain know-how . This will allow your hair to take the desired shape and accentuate its natural curvature. The beautician will then have to apply different products and lotions, which will aim to fix and strengthen your eyelashes. 

False eyelashes: the ephemeral solution  

If you want to have sublime eyelashes just for a night out or a party , false eyelashes may be the solution for you. Inexpensive and easy to use , false eyelashes will allow you to display XXL volume immediately and without breaking the bank. Indeed, the false eyelashes are sold in a box containing a special glue that must be applied directly to your false eyelashes before placing them on your natural eyelashes. The advantage with this alternative is that you can adopt many styles and change them as many times as you want. Vary colors, sizes and even shapes , in the blink of an eye! On the other hand, you should know that this technique is not made to last and is only effective for a limited time, from a few hours to a day maximum. 

Permanent eyelash makeup to intensify your look  

Permanent eye makeup and more particularly eyelashes is quite possible. This allows you to keep, on all occasions, doe eyes with a perfect makeup effect. 

permanent mascara  

Permanent mascara techniques generally combine a black or dark tint with fixing products that will give your lashes more shape, while accentuating their natural color for a sublime look. The effect of permanent mascara dissipates naturally when the hairs of your eyelashes grow back, that is to say after 3 to 4 weeks . 

Eyelash extensions  

This technique is ideal for women with sparse eyelashes . Indeed, natural eyelash extensions come to rest directly on your eyelashes thanks to a special glue. They therefore increase the volume of your eyelashes and make them fuller. It is possible to choose the length, the curvature, as well as the shape of your extensions, in order to best adapt them to your eyes and to the final result you want to obtain. 

An eyelash extension can last approximately 4 to 8 weeks and must be carried out in an institute by a professional beautician , who will be able to advise you best. The main advantage of this technique is that it allows you to enjoy perfectly curved eyelashes while maintaining a natural appearance depending on the size and shape of the extensions chosen. 

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