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Article: How does permanent makeup age?

How does permanent makeup age?

Permanent makeup is not permanent. Over time, the intensity of its color decreases, which is why it is recommended to maintain it at least once a year. 

Permanent makeup actually lasts over time and allows you to sport a perfect make-up as soon as you wake up . However, this type of dermopigmentation is not indelible. Pigments, fixed in the outermost layers of your epidermis, tend to disappear after several years . But, then, how to maintain your permanent makeup so that it remains intact? Discover helpful tips and tricks to help your permanent makeup age well . 


Actions to adopt after your permanent makeup session  

Permanent makeup is a dermopigmentation technique that is often performed using fine needles that inject pigment into the surface layers of your skin . This generally causes scarring and redness. This is why it is important to moisturize your skin well after a permanent makeup session . 


Usually, the full healing time for permanent makeup is around 4 weeks , depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Actions to be carried out daily will be recommended to you by your beautician , such as applying a healing cream several times a day to the made-up area. Or, if it is a permanent eyeliner , you will certainly be recommended to disinfect your eyes and put a drop of physiological serum, at least once a day. 


You should also avoid going to the swimming pool or swimming in the sea for at least a week. Bathing and scrubbing the area that has just been dermopigmented should also be avoided. Of course, any exposure to the sun should be protected , as UV rays can leave marks on your still-healing skin. 


You should also know that following your permanent makeup session, the shade of your makeup may appear dark to you . Don't panic, this is not an error from your beautician, but the normal process of dermopigmentation. In fact, your permanent makeup will lose up to 40% of its intensity from the first week . It is for this reason, among others, that a touch-up one month after the first appointment is often recommended, in order to readjust the shade and line of your permanent makeup . 


How to protect your permanent makeup so that it lasts over time?  

To preserve the intensity of the color of your permanent makeup , here are some easy tips to put into practice: 

  • Moisturize your skin well : regardless of the makeup area (eyebrows or lips), moisturize your skin daily to make it stronger and less irritable in the face of future maintenance touch-ups of your permanent makeup. 
  • Protect your skin from the sun : the sun's UV rays, even in winter, are certainly the worst enemies of permanent makeup. Do not hesitate to apply sunscreen to the affected area daily. 
  • Avoid exposing yourself too often to bleach or chlorine vapor : chlorine and bleach are often present in swimming pool water, too frequent exposure to these chemical components can alter the color of your pool more quickly. permanent makeup. 


What does permanent makeup maintenance involve?  

Maintaining permanent makeup must be done regularly . On average, an annual touch-up is necessary, or even more in the case of eyebrow microblading . Indeed, this dermopigmentation technique is carried out on the most external areas of the skin and therefore requires more frequent touch-ups approximately every 6 months. 

Note that if no touch-up is done, permanent makeup can completely disappear after 1 to 3 years , depending on the color of the pigments chosen and your skin type. 

The aging of permanent makeup is not uniform from one person to another. Depending on your lifestyle, your frequency of exposure to the sun and the beauty treatments you practice daily, your pigmentation may fluctuate differently. 


What is the process of an annual maintenance for permanent makeup?  

The touch-ups made during the annual maintenance of your permanent makeup aim to readjust the intensity of the pigmentation and possibly improve the outline of your make-up. 

Generally, a preliminary interview takes place with the client to identify, with her, the elements of her make-up that she wishes to modify. The beautician also takes the opportunity to take stock of the state of the makeup and plan any touch-ups to be carried out (readjustment of the shade, modification of the line, various improvements, etc.). 

The annual maintenance of permanent makeup lasts less time than a very first dermopigmentation session . That’s the whole point of retouching. Thus, your skin will also be less damaged and you will emerge from your session with the guarantee of impeccable permanent makeup that meets your expectations. 

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