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Article: "Straight brows", this new eyebrow makeup trend that is all the rage on TikTok

"Straight brows", this new eyebrow makeup trend that is all the rage on TikTok

After thick and full eyebrows, the trend is now for Straight brows or straight eyebrows! This phenomenon, which appeared on TikTok , has become in just a few weeks the model to follow for having beautiful eyebrows. 

Recently, a new way to enhance your eyebrows has arrived in force with more than 200 million views on TikTok . It is obviously Bella Hadid 's Straight Brows . But, what is this new trend of straight eyebrows all about? Become an expert on the subject to know how to make it. 

The Straight brows: focus on this new fashion to sublimate your eyebrows  

The Straight brows is a new way to tweeze your eyebrows , in order to highlight the features of your face. Revealed to the general public on TikTok by the American Bella Hadid, this new technique would sublimate your look and give you a more lifted effect for firmer features and a brighter expression. 

The characteristics of straight brows  

The particularity of this technique lies in the hair removal of the end of your eyebrows on the outer side of your face. In short, this consists of removing all the hairs located after the natural angle formed by your eyebrow arch. In this way, it gives a straight eyebrow line . 

How to make a straight brows?  

If the Straight brows is not a very complex technique to achieve, you must however be vigilant, because it can have consequences on the future regrowth of your eyebrows . 

Actions to avoid  

Banish the razor and shaving foam from your accessories to achieve a Straight Brows. Indeed, the razor does not allow enough precision to epilate an area of ​​the face as delicate as the eyebrows. Not to mention the risk of cutting which is very real. 

Meticulous hair removal  

Straight brows require very careful hair removal . Here are the steps to follow for successful hair removal: 

  1. Clean your eyebrows, as well as your tweezers .
  1. Start by tweezing the head of your eyebrows as you normally would by removing the hairs between the two virtual lines running through the inner corner of your eye and the outer bridge of your nose.
  2. Find the angle drawn naturally by your brow bone.
  3. Apply a little hot or cold wax to the end of your eyebrows. In other words, on the part that follows the arc formed by your eyebrow. Leave on for 10 to 30 seconds. Then, yank your wax off against the direction of hair growth.
  1. Finish your hair removal with tweezers for an impeccable result

Make-up: the risk-free alternative  

The risk with straight brows is that your hairs end up not growing back at the tail of your eyebrow or that they grow back in an anarchic and disorderly way. If you want to take no risks, but still follow this new trend, you can use eyebrow makeup to hide the few hairs that end your eyebrows. 

Opt for a foundation or a concealer in the color of your complexion, and apply it directly to the part of your eyebrows that you want to hide. This way, you can see if this trend suits you before you realize it for good. Makeup can be a great alternative to waxing, as it won't alter your hair growth and will allow you to be more flexible when fashions change again. 


Why is it better to go to a beauty salon for hair removal or eyebrow makeup in Straight brows mode?  

The ideal is to go to an institute to achieve your straight brows , especially the first time. 

Time saving  

Waxing or makeup of the eyebrows in an institute is quite fast . It may only take about ten minutes. It is therefore a beauty appointment not to be overlooked. 

Enjoy a successful outcome  

Going to an institute and entrusting your eyebrow waxing or your make-up to an eye care professional is the guarantee of a successful result . The eyebrow area is fragile and some failures can have long-term consequences. This is why it is strongly recommended to have recourse to a beautician at least for your first hair removal or straight brows make-up . 

Benefit from the advice of a professional beautician  

On the other hand, you should know that depending on the shape of your face and the nature of your eyebrows, certain trends may not make you look good . Before making a mistake that will be difficult to cover up later, it is always safer to seek the advice of a professional who will be able to advise you and guide you towards the best way to wax or apply makeup according to your natural assets. 

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