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Article: Eyebrows: what mistakes to avoid in order not to look older!

Eyebrows: what mistakes to avoid in order not to look older!

Eyebrows change everything in a face! So, some mistakes can have embarrassing consequences, including making you look older. But then, how to fix it? The eyebrow workshop tells you everything!

No one is immune to a little mistake when it comes to eyebrows. It is enough to depilate a little too much or to apply an inappropriate make-up for the results to be far from those desired. Certain clumsiness can even age us. Yet that's all we want to avoid!

These errors will tend to accentuate this phenomenon from your thirties. Indeed, this is when skin, hair and hair changes occur. It is therefore important to change your skincare and makeup routine, without forgetting that of your eyebrows. These have the power to change the expression on a face and brighten up a look. It is therefore essential to bring them to the fore. Here are some tips to avoid falling into the trap!

Pluck your eyebrows that are too thin

Over time, the eyebrows tend to thin out. Thus, if they appear too thin, they are very likely to give an older appearance. Those who succumbed to the heavily plucked eyebrow trend in the 1990s may find it difficult to regrow their hair after giving it a hard time. Not to mention that hair removal can cause permanent damage. If an ultra-thin arc was ultra-trendy back then, it now tends to make you look older. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this today!

Do not discipline his eyebrows too full

Thick eyebrows are all the rage, but there are a few rules to follow when it comes to sporting a nice, full line. Eyebrows that are too bushy can give the impression of drooping eyelids and therefore make you look older. They must then be maintained with the help of hair removal but also makeup. Once a professional has gone through the tweezers, it is important to stay in control with setting gel. Even if your eyebrows are naturally thick and dark, a transparent gel should not be ruled out to tame them. It will make all the difference!

Too much load on your eyebrows

The trend is for thick, full eyebrows. Thus, those who have succumbed to the fashion of the nineties or who have a naturally sparse arc will be tempted to expand it. There are many options for this. But before opting for any of them, it's important to pay attention to a few recommendations.

Many makeup products help create the illusion of thicker eyebrows. For a perfect result, there is no need to use a ton of products or to darken the hairs too much. Having a heavy hand can actually tend to age. On the contrary, it will be necessary to bet on the natural. We fill the eyebrow with small arches that mimic the hair rather than drawing a straight line. We advise you to use our Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil for a perfectly drawn line.

Lighten your eyebrows

Darkening your eyebrows too much can be a misstep, but it is also not recommended to lighten them too much. As we age, the eyebrows become lighter. There is less contrast with the skin, so they will be less visible. Thinning the hairs too much may just make you look more mature. The secret is to find the right balance between too dark and too light!

Watch out for graying eyebrows

Like hair, eyebrows can turn gray with age. Inevitably, gray or white hairs tend to age, especially since they are less noticeable. To restore a youthful look to the face and eyes, it is therefore advisable to apply a dye. The right color is one that matches the hairline perfectly.

Neglect the tail of the eyebrows

The tail of the eyebrow is very important because it is this that sets the tone. It helps to give the look a much more youthful and sensual appearance. It requires extra attention as it could make the eyes droopy and tired. It is therefore important to complete it and extend it if necessary using a pencil. Once it's drawn, we take care of the rest before fixing everything with an eyebrow gel like our Browshape transparent fixing gel.

Misplacing the arch

The tail of the brow is important, but so is the arch placement. For perfect eyebrows, make sure it is placed two-thirds of the way after the hairs have left. A well-defined arch immediately rejuvenates a face, especially as it opens up the eyes.

Forget the highlighter

The bones of the face change over the years. The brow bone is no exception to the rule and gradually decreases. This is particularly responsible for the famous crow's feet and droopy eyelids. To remedy this, there is no need to go through the cosmetic surgery box. Again, makeup can help create the illusion of an enhanced arch. The highlighter is able to work wonders for this. Just put a few small touches under the eyebrow, from the arch to the end of the tip. In no time at all, it will give more depth and a real boost to the eyes.

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