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Article: How to wear makeup to be on top on Valentine's Day?


How to wear makeup to be on top on Valentine's Day?

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner! Whether you are in a relationship or single, there is always a good reason to celebrate Valentine's Day. But how do you put on makeup for the occasion? Atelier du Sourcil reveals its tips for a fresh and trendy beauty look.

There is love in the air this February with Valentine's Day soon to be here. Have you planned a candlelit dinner with your partner? Prefer to sip cocktails with your group of friends? Whatever your schedule, this special day is a perfect occasion to party but also to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your makeup. How to adopt a romantic make-up to feel absolutely fabulous? Here are all the steps to follow to achieve a beauty look that will make an impression!

A flawless complexion

Before thinking about makeup, the first step to a fresh and luminous complexion is simply to hydrate your skin deeply. The night before or if you have a little time before going out, apply a moisturizing mask to soothe and invigorate your skin. She will then be ready to receive makeup.

You can then opt for a foundation to better fix the make-up so that it does not move all evening. We then move on to the foundation step, which is applied with a brush for more coverage. Instead, use a sponge, slightly dampened, to obtain a more natural look. Choose a product that matches perfectly with your skin tone in order to avoid any demarcation. To hide dark circles and any imperfections, hide them with a concealer that is patted on the affected area. After that, you do not fail to powder your complexion, preferably with a transparent powder, for more hold. Do not forget the blush to apply on the cheekbones which guarantees an immediate healthy glow effect. To be radiant, polish your beauty look with our perfumed illuminating pearly powder. It will then make the skin look delicately satiny.

Perfect eyebrows

One of the crucial steps in putting on makeup is taking care of your eyebrows. They harmonize the face and give relief to the look. It is therefore important not to neglect them.

To start, we rework the shape of its arch and rebalance the sparse areas using the Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil from Atelier du Sourcil. We draw small vertical lines to give the illusion of a fuller line. To perfectly tame the hairs, the eyebrow gel is THE secret to an intense gaze. It allows to discipline with a rendering of the most natural.

To further structure and illuminate the eyes, you can finish by drawing a line lighter than your skin tone below the eyebrow using our Mineclat Correcting Mine.

A mouth to eat

Again, for a perfect mouth, good hydration is essential. Whether you choose to emphasize the lips or not, we exfoliate them before the party to remove all the little skin. Then tap a suitable balm to sublimate them.

If you want to color her lips, you first draw the outline of her mouth with a pencil of the same color as her lipstick. Paint your entire mouth with the same pencil for extra hold. Then apply the lipstick with a brush for more precision and feel free to blend. A second coat is always welcome to perfect the smile!

Regarding color, the classic matte red is a must for Valentine's Day. The most romantic, however, will opt for glossy pink while those who want to bring out their femme fatale side will prefer the black cherry hue. By choosing one of its three flagship shades for 2020, you can't go wrong!

A doe look

For smoldering eyes, we start by applying a base for the eyelids. Whether you go nude or adopt one of the must-have trends of the year like neon eyeliner, it will ensure better hold with makeup.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to try out the red smokey eye. This big trend is ideal for a romantic and trendy make-up. If you prefer something more classic, neutral colors or gold are safe values.

Depending on the makeup chosen, we draw an eyeliner line for more definition before curling our lashes. Finish her beauty look with a touch of our black Upcils mascara to give her eyes even more intensity. Now is the time to have an unforgettable evening!

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