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Article: What will our eyebrows look like in 2020?


What will our eyebrows look like in 2020?

Whether it is fashion or make-up, 2020 has brought new trends. Eyebrows are no exception! But what will they look like in the next few months? Little horizon!

But what will 2020 bring to our eyebrows? Every season, new trends will appear and bring something refreshing. If 2019 is quite bold, the next few months will mark a return to nature! Because if there's a word to remember, it's that word: natu rel!

Dramatic, sharp, ultra precise, very dark eyebrows no longer really exist in the air of time. If it appeared in our wardrobe and dressing room in the 1980s and 1990s, it doesn't apply to eyebrows. We will continue to show a well supplied line, but it promises to be lighter.

Dark eyebrows

This year, to reach the peak of fashion, you have to be as close to the natural texture of your eyebrows as possible. Therefore, a major trend is shadow effects It's easy-Yes. We will choose a special kind of powder or pencil as our pencil Eyebrow pencil Sublimation slope sublimates the natural contour of eyebrows. The secret is to use the app easily! Instead, we made some small arches, and the results were less obvious. We fill the eyebrows in the same way. Don't exaggerate. Hair shouldn't be deeper than hair. Finally, we use a little gel to increase the size and grip. It's your turn!

Neat eyebrows

Too black, too thick, too bold eyebrows are no longer must-Yes. They need a little bit of heart to adapt to the new day. If you don't want to go back to the thin lines of the 1990s, your eyebrows will be slightly thinner by 2020. We want to give them a more natural, softer look.

This trend is achieved by filling small holes with pencils, which are similar in color to the natural color of hair. Train them gently with pencil and gel. You can even tame them with a simple transparent gel while keeping them as authentic as possible.

 Eyebrow moistening effect

It's one of the most reckless trends at the moment, though it's not extravagant. The moist effect of eyebrows, like being covered by morning dew, has become a must-have on social networks. They've been seducing beautiful women. Wetting effect allows you to show the perfect line, perfect discipline, but more attractive: gloss finish. Yes, because this year, if eyebrows look more natural, they are still fashionable.

To achieve the best results, we first use our Tweezers Using stylbrow + goupilon Before fixing with clear wax or gel, gently apply makeup with a pencil. You should apply several layers without hesitation to get a good wetting effect.


Discolored eyebrows

Eyebrows that are too marked and too dark are becoming less and less popular. If we like the natural, we will allow a few small fantasies. Discolored eyebrows are becoming more and more trendy today. The blond, almost white or virtually invisible arches invade Instagram. However, this trend is not for everyone! Before you take the plunge, it is important to ask yourself if you are ready to take it. If that's the case, you get started quickly because it's not sure it lasts indefinitely. You can also try a less permanent experience by brightening your eyebrows with make-up.

Disordered eyebrows

If the hair-haired effect has revolutionized our hair, the trend now applies to our eyebrows. We are once again looking to get closer to the natural. The goal is to give a messy and fuzzy appearance as windswept but controlled. To perfect the line, the hairs are brushed diagonally towards the temples. This lengthens the eyebrows, lifts the arch and gives a swept effect. To keep them in place, we opt for a transparent fixing gel and that's it!

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