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Article: These unsuspected mistakes that damage the eyebrows.

These unsuspected mistakes that damage the eyebrows.

The importance of displaying beautiful eyebrows is well established. To sport a perfect figure, most women have a well-established routine. But beware, some gestures can cost you dearly!

Who doesn't dream of flaunting perfect eyebrows? As we know, they are of the utmost importance in the harmony of a face. However, having a nice, dense and homogeneous line can sometimes turn out to be a real headache. Hair removal appears to be our best ally in getting rid of unsightly little hairs. However, without realizing it, some reflexes are actually big mistakes that can affect the quality of the eyebrows. And of course, that's all we don't want. To be sure to display a beautiful healthy line, you must remove certain gestures from your routine. But which ones? L'Atelier du Sourcil tells you everything!

Not considering the shape of his face

This is something you don't really think about when arming your tweezers. And yet, this is the very first step to successful eyebrow hair removal. It is essential to take into account the shape and size of his eyes. In addition, do not neglect the shape of the face.

Round faces will be sublimated with arched eyebrows because a high arch will lengthen the features. On the contrary, straight eyebrows will be the best friend of a long face. We favor a rounded line to rebalance a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face. To counterbalance a square jaw, it will be necessary to bet on a well arched arch, almost in circumflex accent. Finally, the oval faces will favor a not very marked curve, particularly flattering.

Using a magnifying mirror

It may seem surprising, but the magnifying mirror can be misleading. Of course, it is very useful when cleaning the eyebrow by removing only a few small hairs. On the other hand, it is to be banned when you really want to shape your bow. The magnifying effect does not provide an overview of the eyebrows and the amount of hair removed. It is best to do your hair removal in front of a mirror so you can see both eyebrows.

Opt for waxing

Wax helps get rid of unwanted hair quickly. This method is ideal for areas of the body. However, it is not really recommended for eyebrows. Waxing is effective but less rigorous. In particular, it tends to give a rounded shape to the arch. Depending on the shape of the face, this is therefore banished, not to mention that it can make you older. We advise you then our tweezers with brush Stylbrow + to achieve a defined and tamed line.

Pluck the top of her eyebrows

Waxing the top of your line is very delicate, especially around the arch. This is the point that determines the shape of the eyebrow, so it needs to be placed well. The risk is to denature it by waxing a little too much. This then tends to lower the arch instead of raising it and therefore make the face look sadder.

Epilate too frequently

A hair here, a hair there ... To obtain perfect eyebrows, the temptation to pluck at the slightest little regrowth is great. But in striving for perfection, it often happens that we overdo it. Thus, the result obtained is far from what we expected. Hitting the hair is not a good thing, quite the contrary. They will tend to repel badly and become even more indomitable than before. So we let them breathe a little!

The best solution is to leave your eyebrows in the hands of a professional. L'Atelier du Sourcil offers several services, including restructuring as well as monthly hair removal for the maintenance of a beautiful line.

Moisturize with the wrong products

During your daily routine or just after waxing, it is important to hydrate the skin. By applying a moisturizer or soothing cream, we tend to put it absolutely all over your face, especially on your eyebrows. While this is good for the skin, it is not for everything! Cosmetics tend to prevent hair growth, or even suffocate it. Thus, it can even cause them to fall! After waxing, you can opt for a soothing lotion. The rest of the time, we prefer a special conditioning treatment to make them stronger, denser and more shiny. We advise you our Revitabrow® Advanced conditioner by Revitalash Cosmetics. Developed by a doctor, it gives life to the eyebrows by nourishing them in depth. Then they will only be more beautiful.

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