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Article: Skinny eyebrows: the return of extra fine eyebrows?

Skinny eyebrows: the return of extra fine eyebrows?

Ultra trendy in the 90s and 2000s, extra fine eyebrows seemed to go out of fashion and replaced by thick and nicely structured eyebrows, à la Cara Delevinge. However, since the end of 2021, are “skinny eyebrows” coming back into fashion? It was model Bella Hadid who brought ultra-thin eyebrows back into fashion. So, new trend or just a fad?

Ultra-thin eyebrows: the star of the 90’s

The ultra-thin eyebrow line has actually been around for about a century. In vogue in the 1920s, they were replaced by slightly thicker eyebrows, before coming back into fashion during the 90s . At this time, thin eyebrows were worn in fashion shows and in the cinema. Naturally, many women have followed suit by creating an ultra-thin eyebrow line. This trend will continue until the 2000s, before gradually giving way to thick and bushy eyebrows, still very popular in 2020 and 2021!

The return of ultra-thin eyebrows?

At the end of 2021, the sublime Bella Hadid appears with ultra-fine eyebrows. And she's not the only one ! More and more celebrities today are sporting a refined eyebrow line . Even Internet users and TikTok fans are getting in on the action, bringing back into fashion this eyebrow waxing that we thought was forgotten.

However, nothing surprising. The younger generation is passionate about “vintage” and 90s fashion . After the crop top, low-rise jeans and denim jacket, the ultra-thin eyebrow could well be THE next beauty trend!

Skinny eyebrows, yes, but not too much!

After years of maintaining thick eyebrows, with a well-defined and marked shape, it's difficult to go ultra-thin. Fortunately, in 2022, there is no question of returning to the ultra-thin line that we knew in the 90s!

It's more about finding an in-between, a thin line, but thicker than 20 years ago. We therefore opt for eyebrows that are a little thinner , and whose tips we refine.

How to adopt the skinny brow?

Your eyebrows are thick and you are wondering how to easily transition to thin eyebrows? How to achieve hair removal? For many of us, we go from one extreme to the other... We must therefore be careful not to remove too much hair or completely miss the transition to skinny brows !

If you prefer to skip the waxing box for the moment, makeup can be a good alternative to refine your brows without actually touching your brow line . This will allow you to get used to this new trend and above all, not risk over-plucking your eyebrows!

For thin eyebrows thanks to makeup, we use a concealer which we apply under the eyebrow line, to reduce it. You can then, using an eyebrow pencil , redraw the shape of your eyebrows !

Do you prefer to opt for hair removal? In this case, two solutions are available to you: hair removal at home or in a salon.

If hair removal is important and you need to reshape your eyebrows , we advise you to contact an expert. Indeed, a specialist will be able to pluck your eyebrows with care and precision, and find the perfect shape for your face !

If you opt for home hair removal, be careful not to remove too much hair , or not to make “holes”. After keeping your eyebrows thick for a long time, it's easy to get heavy-handed and fail your eyebrow waxing ! So we go slowly, making sure that our eyebrows are symmetrical and harmonious. If you miss it, it is best to go see a beautician to repair the damage, or to wait patiently for the hair to grow back, possibly filling in with makeup. Pencil, eyebrow mascara , powder and concealer can help you make up your eyebrows to give them a nice, finer shape that will highlight your eyes!

Be careful not to pluck your eyebrows too much, however. After a certain age, the thinner the eyebrows are, the more they age the face. And keep in mind that with the years and multiple waxings, the eyebrow line naturally becomes finer !

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