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Article: Valentine's Day: 5 makeup tips to be sexy

Valentine's Day: 5 makeup tips to be sexy

Valentine's Day, this famous celebration of lovers, is fast approaching. Have you planned a romantic dinner with your loved one? Have you found THE perfect outfit but are still unsure about the makeup? Discover our 5 tips for being sexy !

Applying makeup for Valentine's Day

If, of course, there is no need for a dedicated day to prove to your partner that you love them, February 14 is a special moment. For many couples, it is the opportunity to treat themselves to a unique and romantic moment. And for women, it's the opportunity to bring out your best outfit and your best makeup !

Indeed, who has never wanted to look beautiful to please their soul mate? It's time to dare to wear different makeup and show off! Eyes, mouth, complexion... You are spoiled for choice to enhance your pretty features and make your loved one vibrate!

1 - A perfect complexion!

For a romantic restaurant, a romantic dinner at home, or a moonlit stroll, remember to take care of your complexion. In the middle of winter and after a long day at work, your face may be a little tired. Your complexion is duller and lacks pep . Impossible, therefore, to do without foundation! For a more natural look, we opt for a fairly light foundation , which will give you beautiful skin as naturally as possible. Other essentials, the corrector and the concealer will hide these few small imperfections, to give you a perfect and luminous complexion in all circumstances!

2 - A smoldering look

For a sexy and irresistible look, it is imperative to make up your eyes .

If you have light eyes, you can highlight your eyes by opting for dark eye shadow . It is applied skillfully, blending and playing with the nuances, for a sublime smoky look. For dark eyes, you can easily match your eyeshadow to your outfit or opt for warm tones (brown, orange, red, etc.), perfect for a glamorous and romantic look!

Eyebrows also need to be taken care of. Well designed, they frame your face and highlight your eyes. We therefore definitely plan to have our eyebrows waxed before Valentine’s Day!

3 - Mascara: a must-have

Whether you opt for light makeup or something more elaborate , mascara should absolutely be part of your Valentine's Day makeup . For a natural and discreet effect, black or brown will be perfect. Enhance your eyes by using a volume or lengthening mascara . It will give more depth and intensity to your eyes. If your lashes seem to be lacking a little length, why not opt ​​for a lash lift ? This lifts your eyelashes, curls them and gives them a little length, for a sexy and super glamorous look !

4 - Eyeliner to widen your eyes

You will have understood, for Valentine's Day, we don't neglect eye makeup !

Just like mascara, eyeliner should not be forgotten . A light line on the upper eyelid, which extends to the outer edge of the eye and ends in a point, will add a sexy touch to your makeup. This makeup, called “ Cat eye ”, is ideal for beautifying your eyes.

5 – Lips to eat

Successful Valentine's Day makeup necessarily means beautifully made-up lips !

And February 14 is the opportunity to test a little more unusual and flashy colors. Let yourself be tempted by a passion red , a fuchsia pink or any other color that will go with your complexion and make you irresistible!

Of course, we stay in red and pink tones , particularly second-hand. If you are planning a romantic meal, choose a long-lasting matte lipstick , which will last you for several hours without losing its shine!

Valentine's Day makeup is in preparation!

Pretty makeup cannot be improvised. And above all, this requires suitable products and a minimum of technique. If you are not used to wearing makeup, or if you are not familiar with all the accessories, plan to do your makeup in advance so that you can possibly correct some imperfections. Likewise, a visit to a beauty salon for eyelash extensions or eyebrow waxing may make sense as Valentine's Day approaches. This can also be an opportunity to have your makeup done by a professional if you yourself are not very comfortable with makeup techniques and products!

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