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Article: Eye makeup: 6 mistakes not to make!

Eye makeup: 6 mistakes not to make!

To feel beautiful every day , nothing better than makeup! Light or more elaborate, it allows us to show off and add the finishing touch to our outfit. But be careful, certain errors or missteps can ruin all our efforts !

Using too much mascara

When you want to widen your look and make your eyes stand out, mascara is an essential part of our makeup routine .

In wanting to give volume and length to our eyelashes, we often tend to use and overuse mascara. We tend to be heavy handed, thinking that accumulating layers of mascara will give us a real doe look. Yes, but no… Today, the trend is natural. Too much mascara will weigh down the eyes and create clumps on your eyelashes, for a “spider legs” effect that is not very aesthetic!

Another common mistake with mascara: applying makeup to the lower lashes like the upper lashes . If a light coat of mascara on the bottom lashes helps open up the eyes, a coat that is too thick will look artificial and not very pretty.

For successful eyelash makeup, apply mascara in a zig-zag pattern to separate the eyelashes and avoid clumps, and limit yourself to two coats of mascara. For the lower lashes, we favor a light and discreet application, to simply lengthen the lashes naturally.

Darken your eyebrows too much

The eyebrows determine the facial expression. Today, they are made up as much as the eyes or the mouth. Yes, having a beautiful eyebrow shape helps structure the face and highlight the look . Except that sometimes, by trying too hard to redraw, fill in and make up your eyebrows, you make them too thick and too artificial .

The secret to well-plucked and nicely shaped eyebrows, in harmony with your features, is to keep your true eyebrow line as a basis. Of course, you can fill in your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or mascara , but it is important to keep a similar color to your eyebrows. Above all, be careful not to darken your eyebrows too much: this hardens the look and makes you look older!

Using eyeshadow that is too flashy

No more fuchsia pink, duck blue or mustard yellow eyeshadow!

This type of flashy makeup, in pastel or color-block tones, should be absolutely avoided if you don't want to come across as a walking can of paint and, above all, if you don't want to appear old-fashioned . Yes, today we are focusing on more natural and, above all, blended eye shadows .

You can definitely opt for slightly brighter colors, as long as you blend them in and play subtly with the nuances . A big block of color, candy pink, just above the eyelid, that's no!

An unsuitable concealer!

Essential in our make-up routine, concealer is ideal for beautifying us ! It helps hide a slightly tired look and restore pep to our face. To brighten the eyes, we tend to opt for slightly lighter shades... Bad idea!

Concealer should go unnoticed . It is therefore imperative to choose a shade close to your skin tone, not lighter, not darker. Unsuitable concealer will only accentuate that bag under your eyes, making you look even more tired .

Plucking your eyebrows too much

If ultra-thin eyebrows seem to be coming back into vogue, be careful not to overpluck your eyebrows . If you want to remove too much hair, you risk ending up with eyebrows that are too spaced, too thin or asymmetrical !

Keep in mind that your eyebrows allow you to show your emotions and express yourself. They can, of course, be thin, but there is no question of them becoming invisible. If you have a heavy hand, it is easy to make a few holes in the line of your eyebrows... So, if you are not very comfortable, you should avoid drawing your eyebrows yourself. A visit to an institute will be much safer!

Do not remove eye makeup every evening

Due to laziness, lack of time or negligence, we are sometimes tempted to skip the “make-up removal” box. Forget this bad habit right away! Unless you have opted for semi-permanent makeup , remember to remove your makeup using a makeup remover milk or lotion. This is a very important step that allows your skin to breathe and be cleansed of all impurities. Clean, healthy skin is the essential basis for any successful makeup!

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