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Article: Everything you need to know about permanent makeup

Everything you need to know about permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is very popular these days. This new trend is attracting more and more women. And for good reason, it’s an excellent way to have perfect, long-lasting makeup! But actually, what is permanent makeup ? How it works ? What risks? We will explain everything to you !

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup consists, in a certain way, of pigmenting an area of ​​the face .

The professional inserts pigments under the skin in order to color it and give the impression of being made up all the time .

First of all, it must be clarified that permanent makeup, contrary to what its name indicates, has a limited lifespan . Indeed, although it offers good hold, it is not eternal. The pigments eventually fade and it is recommended to carry out touch-ups at regular intervals depending on the pigmented area, approximately once or twice a year for eyebrows for example . Obviously, the pace depends on skin types, the pigmented part of the face and cell regeneration.

What advantages?

If permanent makeup is so attractive, it is because it has many advantages.

First of all, it is a professional who carries out the service. She will therefore know how to create makeup adapted to your face, your skin color, your eyes and your features. And that's not all !

The main advantage of permanent makeup is of course how it lasts . No more need to get up 1 hour earlier in the morning to put on makeup, no more need to make a few small touch-ups during the day to look dapper... You are already perfectly made up when you wake up thanks to permanent makeup!

It is therefore a very good way to save time , but also money since you can easily do without your usual beauty products. And fewer products to buy means less packaging, less waste, and therefore less pollution!

The different types of permanent makeup

When you decide to dare with permanent makeup, you can opt for a total look or, on the contrary, go gradually. Eyes, eyebrows, lips … You can choose the area that matters most to you!

Permanent eye makeup

It is possible to implant a pigment under the superficial layers of the skin and thus make up your eyes. Here, we find two main options: the upper or lower lash line or the eyeliner line .

To give depth to the eyes , we opt for a permanent lashline . Using a needle, we intensify the ciliary base (above or below) to give the impression of a naturally made-up look!

The usual eyeliner line , on the top of the eyelid, can be done with permanent makeup. This will save you from having to redo this line - sometimes complicated to master - every day!

Permanent lip makeup

This involves redrawing, making up and beautifying the lips using a needle and an electrical device. It is generally a discreet makeup, with pigments close to those of the skin. Permanent lip makeup is often used to reshape the lips. We enlarge them or give them more volume.

It is also possible to fill them in order to color them. Most often, the result will be similar to that obtained with a gloss or a nude lipstick.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup is ideal for giving them a perfect shape that will highlight your eyes. There are two main techniques used to reshape and beautify your eyebrow line .

  • Microblading: This is a delicate method, which consists of creating a hair effect to structure, outline or fill in your eyebrows.
  • Microshading : This method offers a natural, blended look thanks to a shading effect that intensifies and asserts your eyebrows.

To obtain a perfectly shaped and natural eyebrow , you can also opt for a mixture of these two techniques!

What are the risks of permanent makeup?

Carried out by a qualified professional, permanent makeup does not present any risk of complications . As with any pigmentation, it is always possible to have a reaction or allergy to pigments, but this only represents a few rare cases.

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