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Article: International Lash Day: How to have long and thick eyelashes?

International Lash Day: How to have long and thick eyelashes?

Who doesn't dream of having beautiful, long and thick eyelashes for a naturally enhanced look?

If, of course, makeup allows you to give more length and volume to your eyelashes, certain tips and good habits will allow you to have a doe look effortlessly !

Nowadays, even if having a beautiful eyebrow shape is important, we don't forget about eyelashes. Long, thick and curled eyelashes enlarge and highlight the eyes. Many makeup products and accessories give us beautiful eyelashes, but there are a lot of tips and techniques to take care of and naturally enhance your eyelashes !

Our tips for having longer eyelashes naturally

Our eyelashes are fragile and require a lot of attention and delicacy.

You must therefore take care of them daily to help them grow, strengthen them and make them even more beautiful!

1 – Remove your makeup!

We can never say it enough: removing makeup is absolutely essential !

Even if you've only used a little bit of mascara, it's still necessary to remove your makeup properly every night. Indeed, removing your makeup is beneficial for your skin, but also for your eyelashes. Mascara, if not cleaned, weakens your eyelashes . Smothered by the layer of makeup, they grow more difficult and become less resistant.

Beyond the health of your eyelashes, removing makeup is important for your eyes. By leaving your pretty makeup lying around, you simply risk a small infection (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc.).

2 - Do not rub your eyes

When our eyes sting or burn, we often have the reflex to rub, sometimes vigorously, the entire eye . It is therefore not uncommon to perform this movement on our eyelashes too. The problem ? This can tear them off or cause already weakened eyelashes to fall out . We therefore avoid rubbing our eyes too hard and instead massage the eyelid, taking care not to touch the eyelashes!

3 – Take care of eyelashes with serum and oils

We are used to taking care of our hair with numerous products, oils and serums. So why not do the same with our eyelashes? Just like our hair, it needs to be nourished and hydrated . We therefore opt for castor oil or almond oil, which strengthen the eyelashes and promote their growth. Many serums also exist and help stimulate the growth of eyelashes but also soften them and therefore curl them more easily. Applied for several weeks, the serum will give incredible and natural results on your eyelashes ! Specially designed to revitalize and highlight the natural beauty of your eyelashes, our revitalash eyelash range is perfect for enhancing your eyelashes, strengthening them and protecting them from breakage !

Have beautiful eyelashes with makeup

Makeup is magic! In just a few minutes, with the right tools, you can easily transform yourself or, in our case, give yourself a splendid doe look. To give volume and length to our eyelashes, here are some makeup tips and techniques!

1 – Apply mascara in a zig-zag pattern

We know that mascara helps accentuate and intensify your eyelashes . For a successful application, without clumps and which really lengthens your eyelashes, you must apply the mascara from root to tip , using a zig-zag movement . This helps separate your lashes and avoid creating clumps. If you want to give them a little more volume and curl them, you can also press lightly on the brush, as if you wanted to close your eyes!


2 – Curl and enhance your eyelashes

The eyelash curler is an essential accessory if you want to restore volume to your eyelashes and give yourself an enlarged look. It is used before mascara, simply by pinching the eyelashes at their base for a few seconds... and that's it! But be careful not to use it every day as you risk breaking your eyelashes.

For those who don't want to waste time with it every day, or who prefer to focus on the long term, eyelash enhancement will be perfect. Carried out in an institute, this service is particularly suitable for women whose eyelashes are short, straight or drooping. In less than an hour, the eyelashes are reworked and curled for several weeks !

3 - Eyelash extensions

If you want sublime eyelashes in all circumstances, why not opt ​​for eyelash extensions ? Discreetly or more markedly, synthetic eyelashes are attached to your natural eyelashes to obtain more volume, substance and length . Your eyelashes stay long, thick and beautiful for several weeks!

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