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Article: What is the best eyebrow shape for your face?

What is the best eyebrow shape for your face?

Round, square, oval or triangular… We all have a different face shape . And it’s well known that you choose your haircut based on the shape of your face. And for the eyebrows? It's the same ! We adjust the line of our eyebrows to the shape of our face, for a harmonious result that will highlight our eyes .

Eyebrows give expression to our eyes and our face. Aesthetically, they are very important and frame our features. Their shape must therefore be chosen carefully for a perfectly successful look and makeup. Wondering how to find the right eyebrow shape for your face ? Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you and help you, in a few simple steps, to enhance your look!

Landmarks to know

Before you start plucking your eyebrows or studying different face shapes, it is essential to know certain points of reference . Eyebrows are, naturally, different from person to person. A simple trick allows you to find, yourself, the line of your eyebrows and the three points that constitute it. We thus speak of the head, the arc and the tail of the eyebrow .

To identify these three areas, place a pencil vertically on the side of the nose and align it with the inner corner of the eye. It thus marks the starting point and the head of the eyebrow .

Then, lean the pencil towards the outside of the face, 3/4 of the way from the head of the eyebrow. The arch is therefore the highest point , which marks the start of the descending line of the eyebrow.

Finally, to identify the tail of the eyebrow , hold the tip of the pencil at the level of the wing of the nose, and tilt it to the outer corner of the eye. These three points, more or less marked, will help you find the right length and have a beautiful shape of eyebrows .

What shape of eyebrows when you have a round face?

The round face being naturally soft, we absolutely avoid rounded eyebrows , which reinforce this impression of roundness and we opt instead for arched, even ascending eyebrows . Be careful, however, not to accentuate the movement too much, the result must remain natural.

Straight eyebrows can also be suited to a round face. They refine the features by breaking the rounded appearance and lengthening the face.

What shape of eyebrows when you have a square face?

The square face has character. The features are generally marked and it is therefore preferable to soften them with a suitable eyebrow shape. Say goodbye to straight eyebrows, which would only remind you of the jawline. We favor a softer shape, as with thick and arched eyebrows , in the shape of a circumflex accent. To enhance your eyes and refine your features, you can opt for an elongated tip .

What shape of eyebrows when you have an oval face?

Harmonious, the oval face goes well with all eyebrow shapes . For softened features, we opt for rounded eyebrows . If, on the other hand, you want to assert your features , arched and slightly thicker eyebrows will be perfect. Ideally, you should aim for a happy medium between straight eyebrows and those that are too curved.

What shape of eyebrows when you have a long face?

For a slender face, it is better to opt for straight eyebrows . They will give the illusion of a shorter face and will lighten this type of frame. If you have a large forehead, choose thick eyebrows, this will counterbalance and play on the width of the face.

Thin, rounded eyebrows should be avoided because they refine and elongate the features.

What shape of eyebrows when you have a triangle face?

If you have a rather broad forehead and a fairly thin chin, you should add a little softness to your face by adopting rounded or slightly arched eyebrows . Avoid straight eyebrows which will only further harden your features.


Some mistakes to avoid

To highlight your eyes, it is essential to take careful consideration of your eyebrow line . Successful eyebrow makeup should be done naturally, respecting the shape of your brow bone.

Besides, it is better to entrust your eyebrows to a beautician, who will be able to find the shape best suited to your face and will carry out careful hair removal. Avoid doing this yourself as you risk creating asymmetrical eyebrows, over-plucked eyebrows or making holes !

To define the shape of your eyebrows but also to maintain them, it is recommended to use tweezers instead. Our luminous tweezers allow you to precisely remove regrown hairs!

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