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Article: Eyelash enhancement: Russian Volume eyelash extension

Eyelash enhancement: Russian Volume eyelash extension

Very popular in recent years, eyelash extension (eyelash enhancement) is the ultimate new weapon of seduction. Thanks to this technique, the false eyelashes of the night are forgotten! A method that revolutionizes your daily beauty treatments ... Much more durable, eyelash extensions have won over many women thanks to the more natural results they offer. Go to a beauty salon and you will only have to blink your eyes!

Russian Volume eyelash extension: what is it?

The Russian Volume eyelash extension technique involves placing extensions one by one on our eyelashes. Softer, softer and more comfortable to wear than traditional extensions, they also significantly increase the volume (and length) of your eyelashes.

In recent years, the cosmetics industry has made a huge leap forward in terms of technical advancements. These new ultra-fine silk extensions thus appeared: 4 to 8 times lighter than those used for the classic method, these extensions offer more possibilities during installation. Thus, it is now possible to use them in greater numbers, without risking damaging the natural fringes of your eyelashes.

The Russian Volume eyelash extension therefore offers you an oversized look, sublimated by a spectacular volume!

The Russian Volume: what you need to know before you start

Thanks to this technique imported directly from Russia, you have the possibility of having between 2 and 6 extensions per eyelash, against only one with the classic pose. While it used to be almost impossible to increase the volume of eyelashes that were too sparse, too thin or too short, today it is within everyone's reach.

Whether your eyelashes are naturally full or not, the Russian Volume method ensures you find the exact number of extensions corresponding to your needs or your desires ... Because of their fineness, the extensions used guarantee a more sophisticated, ideal result. for those who do not wish to avoid mascara. The only condition to benefit from it: having healthy eyes and eyelashes.

Good to know :

  • A session can last between 20 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes: the exposure time varies depending on the desired result and the number of eyelashes applied (full extension, semi-extension, etc.).
  • This is a painless method. The pose is a real moment of relaxation.
  • If the lifecycle of an eyelash is 60 to 90 days, touch-ups should be maintained during this period. Keeping an expansion depends on your willingness to keep them!
  • It is advisable to remove them after two months to let the natural eyelash return to its place. In addition, it is recommended not to do more than 3 poses per year.

The advantages of the Russian Volume technique

Beyond the natural look of these extensions, applying this technique allows you to enhance your eyes without going through the mandatory and sometimes restrictive step of mascara. An ideal compromise for those who wish to remain natural or do not have time for a daily beauty.

Of course, if you wish, it is quite possible to apply makeup to your eyes to accentuate their intensity. But thanks to extensions, your eyelashes remain flawless in all circumstances without you having to do anything! In other words, you will save time in the bathroom ... The drudgery of makeup and makeup removal is over: sublimated by so much volume, your eyes will never have been so captivating.

You will understand, the application of eyelash extensions using the Russian Volume technique adapts to all your desires! Giving you a doe look for several weeks, however, great care should be taken with your new extensions. Thus, they will last longer and the result will be more satisfying.

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