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Article: Men's eyebrow hair removal guide

Men's eyebrow hair removal guide

If the brow bow has the power to change a woman's face, tell yourself: so do these gentlemen. Unlike women's eyebrow regrouping technique, men's eyebrow hair removal is simple. This will involve cleaning some ugly hair to remove your eyes and a neat look. Men's eyebrow hair removal guide to beautify this small detail, which is different.

Why do you keep your eyebrows when you are a man?

Almost every morning, men shave, clean or trim with a razor, lawnmower or scissors. A beautiful gesture becomes a reflex, the opposite of eyebrow depilation. For some men, eyebrow hair removal is not even their idea! Some people run away as soon as they see the tweezers. However, both thick and hairy facial features can be changed at the same time. Long, plump eyebrows can harden your face and often make you look rude. How about one eyebrow? On the contrary, it is a fashion. By precisely removing some hair without changing the original shape of the eyebrows, its appearance is immediately enhanced and more expressive.

Three steps of male eyebrow hair removal

If this is the first time, the ideal thing to do is to give the eyebrowsResearch Institute experts Who knows how to clean up without feminizing. If you don't have the right gestures, it can always be done at home.

Skin preparation before hair removal

The best time to shave your eyebrows is still after the shower, where the skin is softest and the pores open due to the heat of the water. The most sensitive skin can be anesthetized with ice to reduce the pain of hair removal.

Deburring eyebrows

Before you start Eyebrow brushOne Tweezers Make sure the results are accurate. Comb your eyebrows from the inside out, from the bottom up. Remember, in order not to break your hair: pull it in the direction of growth.

  • Start between the eyebrows, remove the middle hair and stop at the end of the bridge of the nose. Goodbye, Shan Mei!
  • Finally, it's no exaggeration to wax the hair on your eyelids, not to trim your eyebrows, but to clean the lonely hair that makes you look heavy.
  • It is suggested not to depilate the eyebrows, so as not to damage the original lines and keep the natural shape.

Clear your eyebrows

Even after hair removal, your eyebrows still look messy because they are too long? The solution is simple. We have to cut it off! After brushing the eyebrows, use a pair of small scissors (nail clippers) to cut off the hair beyond the natural line of the eyebrows. Be careful not to be too short, the most important thing is to consider coordinating the whole process!

If you don't think these steps are feasible, give your eyebrows to an expert to guide you. It's like missing a few hairs. It's your delicate spark gaze!

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This article Men's eyebrow hair removal guide First appeared in Eyebrow workshop.

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