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Article: How to make the eyebrow color match the hair color?

How to make the eyebrow color match the hair color?

You'll see, beautiful eyebrows guarantee a beautiful eye. Every morning, you arm yourself with your eyebrow pencil and pencil tip. But are you sure to correct your eyebrows with the right pencil color? What happens if you go through the coloring phase? Finally, find the right color.

Should the color of eyebrows match the color of hair?

Find the right eyebrow

After finding it Eyebrow shape, highlight your faceNow the focus is on their colors. Brown pencils for brown, blonde? If only it were that simple! This kind of tone is usually not recommended, because it will give people an unnatural feeling, but also give people a feeling of not so bright. On the contrary, a shade a little darker than your hair will enhance your eyes.

To maintain a natural effect, play with contrasting colors and choose colors that are 1 / 2 Tone deeper than your roots.

As can be seen from the podium, the eyebrow trend has been driving ever since Cara delevigne contrasted the eyebrows with the eyebrow arcades, which are darker than hair. A tendency to act cautiously to avoid beautiful mistakes. If you choose to contrast eyebrows, suggestions: it is best to try to use quite rich eyebrows, most importantly, the treatment of your hair!

The color of eyebrows after hair dyeing

Going from brown to blonde, or vice versa, is a real dilemma for your eyebrows. You have to make two choices every day: make up your eyebrows for a long time.

To match the new hair color, you can Eyebrow staining was performed directly in the Institute Benefit from the professional knowledge of practitioners. But there are other solutions: put eyebrow makeup aside powder, pencil perhaps Eyebrow Mascara-Yes. If the powder can correct the eyebrow tone while maintaining a natural appearance, hold your hand gently with a pencil to avoid the "too much" effect.

Eyebrow tone for each hair color

On the side of the eyebrow, every hair has its ideal color! This idea; use a common rule to deal with contrast: avoid tone in tone.

If you're blonde

Essentially, your skin color is light, so don't turn to brown. The color of your eyebrows depends on whether you want to make your face softer or more personal. It is recommended to darken them slightly to strengthen your eyes. Mole or light yellow for platinum blondes, you can choose! The rule is simple: the more your hair tends to be cool (ash, platinum, silver...), the less you like red.

If you're brown

Whether you're brown or dark brown, add some hues to your hair color to increase your eyes. Too light color often gives people a feeling of light color and lack of personality. A brown or mole hue, and then it's your turn!

If you have red hair

To highlight your mane, you don't have to match the color of your eyebrows with the color of your hair. To keep your eyes alive, you are welcome to use taupe or centaur.
The most popular new product is an almond pencil for skin types with red or dew pigmentation.

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This article How to make the eyebrow color match the hair color? First appeared in Eyebrow workshop.

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