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Article: Eyebrow tint: how to color your eyebrows?

Eyebrow tint: how to color your eyebrows?

Since Cara Delevingne made it her signature, thick, bold eyebrows have never been so trendy. A fashion that makes more and more want to color your eyebrows to give them more intensity. If you, too, want to give them more character, find out all you need to know to get started with eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow dyeing: why color them?

Coloring your eyebrows mainly allows you to better define their line and therefore intensify your gaze. A little darker, they will give the impression of being fuller and thus make your eyes stand out more. Giving your eyebrows a dye can also allow you to harmonize your look: following a change of hair color, it is sometimes good to think about your eyebrows too!

Be careful, however, to stay as natural as possible ... Most hairdressing or beauty professionals will tell you: there is nothing like an eyebrow that is too or poorly colored to give you a sloppy look. We therefore avoid coloring your eyebrows with shades that are too frank or too far from your natural color. Finally, never fade your eyebrows! Remember, they are the ones that structure your features and give your eyes more depth.

Find out how choose the right eyebrow color for your hair.

Is it possible to tint your eyebrows at home?

Although it is more advisable to go to a hair salon or beauty salon for dyeing, it is quite possible to color your eyebrows at home. There are indeed many coloring kits specially designed for the occasion, giving you color that can last for weeks. Very easy to access and use, the process should not be taken lightly, however, at the risk of having an unsatisfactory or even completely failed result.

If you choose to make your color yourself, here are a few tips that you may find useful, in addition to the instructions provided in the kit:

  • Before dyeing your eyebrows, make sure you have your eyebrows plucked well so that the dye highlights your brow bone.
  • Do an allergy test on your skin 24 hours before to make sure your skin is tolerant of the product.
  • Draw the desired eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil before applying the dye. Thus, you will only have to "color" according to the lines and thus avoid overflowing.
  • Remove the excess with a cotton swab if you have been too generous in dyeing! It will also allow you to properly reshape the shape of your eyebrows and achieve the perfect color.
  • Never color sparse eyebrows, the result will not be conclusive: the coloring is not a tattoo and therefore does not mark the skin. In your case, it is better to favor makeup.

Eyebrow dyeing: alternatives to coloring

Hair color enthusiasts will also find it very useful: essential when the color begins to fade after a while, the dyeing makes it possible to even out the color of your eyebrows. A good way to preserve the intensity of the color or to space out the dyes for those who want it.

If you're scared of dyeing your eyebrows or your skin can't stand coloring products, you can still create the illusion! In this case, refer to pencils or some eyebrow mascaras, giving you results similar to dyeing. If they are to be applied every day, they are however a very good alternative ...

Eyebrow tinting is a service carried out in our institutes which offers an effective result, the duration of which can vary. Other solution: semi-permanent makeup. A hair-by-hair tattoo technique that will allow you to redraw your eyebrows with a most natural rendering. A technique that does not damage the derm, because the work is done only on the surface layers of the skin.

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