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Article: Microblading by Atelier du Sourcil Paris: the technique to have perfect eyebrows

Microblading by Atelier du Sourcil Paris: the technique to have perfect eyebrows

Who has never dreamed of having perfect eyebrows, without needing makeup touch-ups every morning? This is now possible thanks to microblading by Atelier du Sourcil Paris, a semi-permanent pigmentation technique straight from Asia, for eyebrows larger than life!

What is microblading?

Very largely inspired by ancestral Asian gestures, microblading consists of applying semi-permanent make-up to the eyebrows, so as to restructure them as naturally as possible. This is a different technique from traditional tattooing, which is another way of pricking with a flat needle. A method that does not touch the deep layers of the epidermis and therefore does not damage the bulbs, which in no way affects hair regrowth.

The microblading technique

A needle that makes it possible in particular to draw ultra-fine lines, resembling natural hairs: enough to fill any holes or add more density to your eyebrows. Otherwise called the 6D technique, microblading is considered by professionals to be an exercise close to calligraphy: in order to reproduce eyebrows larger than life, the technician uses a metal pen fitted with nano needles, forming a very sharp blade. fine. The technique can be performed with a manual stylus or an electrical device. By performing a bevelled gesture, the practitioner draws a very realistic hair by implanting the pigment.

Microblading: what is the shelf life for this semi-permanent makeup?

Made from mineral pigments, the microblading technique has the advantage of not fading over the months. Without changing color, unlike some hair colors, your eyebrows will only lose intensity after a year and a half! The only imperative to achieve this result: do not miss a touch-up 1 month after the first session, in order to permanently fix the color. You have to be patient and let the skin lighten, to get the real hair effect again during future touch-ups. But above all, keep in mind that from one person to another, the lifespan of microblading differs.

Who is microblading for?

Obviously, those most affected by this method are people with irregular and / or sparse eyebrows, and wishing to thicken or fill them in the most subtle way possible. Women with alopecia can also use it to fully replenish their eyebrows.

The skin plays a key role in the effectiveness of this technique. On Asian skin, the result is the most spectacular. The microblading technique also offers a good alternative to no longer have to make up your eyebrows every morning,
Be careful, this technique is more aggressive than the point method, and therefore does not adapt to all skin types.

The choice of color

In the institute, the color is often a mixture of two colors to obtain a natural result. In our Workshops, we have a large referencing of pigments on which the practitioner relies to choose, taking into account the type of skin. Be careful, if you want a simple "shading", the technique of microblading is not the one for you for a successful result.

Perfect eyebrows using salon microblading

To obtain a bluffing natural brow bone thanks to microblading, go to one of our Workshops. No more make-up touch-ups and hours spent in the bathroom ...

If, however, you do not dare to take the plunge, you can always turn to techniques ofhair removal, coloring or makeup. Completely painless services performed by professional institute professionals that offer equally effective results.

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