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Article: The thick eyebrow: it's trendy!

The thick eyebrow: it's trendy!

During the 90s, it was the one with the thinnest and thinnest eyebrows ... Now, the trend is for thick, full and very well defined eyebrows. On the covers of magazines or on the catwalks, women display their thick lines with pride. But, what is the origin of this trend and why such a craze?

Where does the thick eyebrow trend come from?

Without any hesitation, you think of the top model Cara Delevingne. Indeed, although the British model has democratized the marked and structured eyebrows, the trend of thick eyebrows is not new. Remember: Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor, glamorous icons with seductive and assertive eyes, already displayed a characterful eyebrow arch.
If Cara Delevingne surprises everyone at the beginning, the general public is seduced by her signature to quickly make her a new example of assertive femininity. Even today, thick eyebrows remain unbeatable and the most in demand in the salon.

Why wear thick eyebrows?

Although this is a fad, it looks like the trend is continuing. If you are wondering why wear your eyebrows thick instead of thinning them, think about the look of a sparse browbone compared to a much thicker one. Immediately, the thick eyebrows give more character and style, they give depth to the look and harmonize the face.

Who can have thick eyebrows?

Even though thick eyebrows are on trend, that doesn't mean they suit all looks and faces - it can take away from expressions. Indeed, just like haircuts, it is better to adapt according to its morphology.

When to avoid thick eyebrows?

- When you have small eyes to enlarge the gaze,

- If you have droopy eyelids, to give a lifting effect,

- When your spectacle frames are thick or high,

- If your forehead is narrow.

If you have a thin, oval face and / or a large forehead, you can afford anything!

How to get thick eyebrows?

If your eyebrows are naturally sparse and / or you have overused the tweezers, you can give them a boost, by doing a 3 month cure of RevitabrowⓇ, a revitalizing treatment for the eyebrows. Ideal for strengthening, healing and nourishing them to make them appear thicker and fuller.

How to maintain thick eyebrows?

Let's face it, bushy eyebrows don't look very good. If it all starts with a restructuring of the eyebrows, be sure to maintain them regularly and make up with care.

Do you want to maintain your eyebrows to enhance them? The Eyebrow Workshop offers you various eyebrow care : restore volume, restructure, depilate or color them. Everything you need to embrace the thick eyebrow trend!

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