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Article: Lebanon eyebrow: Oriental eyebrow trimming

Lebanon eyebrow: Oriental eyebrow trimming

With the popularity of thick eyebrows, all eyes are turning to a kind of eyebrow depilation technology directly from the Middle East.

"Lebanon eyebrow" is characterized by high density and neat shape, "Lebanon eyebrow" shapes the facial structure and enhances the gaze. Decrypt this popular technology.

What are the Lebanon eyebrows?

For years, the eyebrows of the Lebanese have been considered too complex or thick, and their popularity has increased in the past few years. In fact, because the thin and thick eyebrows are out of date, it's no wonder that this kind of Oriental style eyebrows are thick, marked and quite concave, and appear in front of the stage again. It must also be said that the eyebrows of the people of Lebanon are particularly strong, which can change your face and shape your character.
It is mainly found in Oriental women, because only part of their face is exposed, their eyes and eyebrows will protrude, so it is called "Lebanon eyebrows".

Lebanon's stylish eyebrows are perfectly controlled and designed into an emphatic "comma", but disciplined and quite immersive. They outline the eyes perfectly and highlight them with elegant curves. They are popular all over the world, and they have the ability to make expressions more mysterious and intense. A very feminine charm asset, worthy of Hollywood's most beautiful actress!

Techniques for complete hair removal

The unique feature of Lebanon eyebrow is its unique hair removal technology. Unlike wax or tweezers, yarn depilation is a prerequisite for eyebrow removal. This method is much more accurate than the equivalent method, which can get a very fine shape. This method is slightly painful, which is to clip the hair between two twisted yarns. This is a yarn unhairing technology, which can pull the hair out from the root completely. Compared with waxing, this method is much less "destructive" to the eyebrows, but it requires a high degree of dexterity. If you don't master gestures, don't try to copy it at home! In this case, it's best to give your eyebrows to an expert...

Is Lebanon eyebrow suitable for everyone?

To get a Lebanon eyebrow, it is recommended to have large eyes because this shape does not fit all eyebrows. If your eyebrows are naturally plump, it's easy to get perfect eyebrows, thick and thick. On the other hand, if you have experienced repeated depilation or sparse eyebrows, the task may be a little more complicated. However, you should know that nothing will be lost, as long as you use some skills, your dream eyebrows are in your grasp!

In our workshop, doctors don't use hair removal techniques. In order to obtain clear and accurate results and better hair regeneration, we recommend the use of tweezers.

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