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Article: What is a holistic beauty routine?

What is a holistic beauty routine?

On this Saturday, March 20, we celebrate the day of happiness. But what does happiness really mean? It is primarily a sense of serenity and fullness. To achieve this state, being benevolent towards oneself is the first step. So why don't you adopt a holistic beauty routine?

Happiness is quite difficult to qualify. Nevertheless, it is known that this feeling involves being serene and feeling well in his body and mind. That is why devoting yourself to its well-being is extremely important! Moreover, according to the principles of holistic beauty, taking care of one of the first beauty gestures to adopt. Beauty what? Holistic beauty! It is a theory of holism, which advocates the idea of globality. We are a whole! Physical, physiological and psychic are related, just like well-being and beauty.

The word Holism actually comes from the Greek word "holos" meaning "entier". The concept of holistic beauty thus aims to design something as a whole and not by focusing on one part at a time. That is why, according to this principle, beauty is through the health of the body, mind and soul. Our appearance, especially that of our skin, is connected to our emotions, our environment, and even our relationships.

Many factors such as stress, lack of sleep, or poor diet impact our health, body, and thus our skin. Fatigue or anger can cause him to lose his brilliance and vitality. Didn’t you notice that when you feel good, it is much more beautiful and radiant? It is a living organ linked to all the rest of our body and our mental state. So, to have a beautiful skin, you have to feel good in it because it reflects our emotions and lifestyle.

According to the principle of holistic beauty, the well-being of the body, mind and soul must be equal. To display a beautiful skin, one must take care of one's whole being by respecting and loving one's body. We don't just treat symptoms, we're looking more thoroughly to find cause to achieve more sustainable results.

What is a holistic beauty routine?

When adopting a holistic beauty routine, we get closer to the natural. It is essential to ensure that what is consumed is good for us. For yes, everything that comes from nature is not necessarily good for our skin or our body. Not to mention that each person is different and must find the right balance for his body, skin and his own needs.

To regain a healthy and beautiful skin, we then use “clean” care that does not contain aggressive, doubtful or unsustainable agents such as paraben, phenoxyethanol or silicon.

You don't have to hammer everything in your bathroom! The idea is to turn to brands that you share values to feel good when using them. Natural and healthy products are chosen, but especially cosmetics that are loved so that beauty routine is a real pleasure.

What are my needs?

A button here, a button there? We could immediately throw ourselves on our tea tree essential oil but the first thing to do is actually understand the source of the problem to treat it in depth and not on the surface for a long-term result. Remember, what you see outside is a reflection of what's going on inside! For example, acne is a symptom that can have different origins such as hormonal changes, clogged pores or even dehydration. These different issues will not be solved in the same way. It is therefore essential to identify the source of the problem rather than treating only the symptoms. It's interesting to create or choose tailor-made care to target each problem in a personalized way.

Taking care of yourself also means eating! It must be healthy, balanced and tailored to your needs and tastes. This can vary from person to person. The body usually needs a supply of protein, fat, fibre and essential nutrients. It is important to focus on unprocessed foods by turning to natural and organic. The trick is to cook rather than eat dishes already prepared. The kitchen can even become a wellness moment!

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to eat at regular times. This helps reduce stress and lose weight! We don't worry about calories and we don't forget to have fun to satisfy our stomach and morale. Deprivation is not a solution, we are betting on the right balance.

How to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle requires a healthy diet and the use of cosmetic products without questionable chemicals. But remember that holistic beauty also takes the mind into account.

Stress is a real scourge on the health of the skin and body. It is the importance of taking time for yourself in order to relieve tension and anxiety because guess who will be the first victim? Your skin! Under stress, our body releases cytokines responsible for redness or acne.

For to vent tensionsmeditation and exercise are the best remedies. Sport sculpts the body and triggers the production of endorphins, which are also called... The hormones of happiness! Do you see what we're getting at? Stress causes many ailments such as sleep disorders, back pain or depression. Maintaining regular physical activity sweeps away all of your problems. We feel better, we sleep better, we find a smile, the skin is radiant and it is our whole body that tells us thank you!

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