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Article: Probiotics, these good bacteria that revolutionize beauty!

Probiotics, these good bacteria that revolutionize beauty!

Used by athletes to gain muscle mass, probiotics are part of our beauty routine! But how can they improve the appearance of our skin?

The microbiome is no longer just microscopic! He is now in the spotlight. As holistic beauty promotes a link between inner health and outer beauty, scientists are increasingly interested in what goes on inside our bodies in order to create treatments that can reveal all of our beauty. Probiotics could revolutionize our skincare routine. But why do they have an effect on our skin, our hair and even our dear eyebrows? We will explain everything to you !

What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is intestinal related, considered our second brain because it contains 100 million neurons! The microbiome is the "biotic area" of the microbiota, also called intestinal flora, or all the microorganisms including bacteria, micro-fungi and protists ... We see you making a face! However, these microorganisms are "good bacteria" that help stimulate immunity against the proliferation of harmful agents, help digestion or even synthesize vitamins.

Why is the microbiota linked to beauty?

The intestine is not the only organ that has a microbiota, many areas of our body have a set of microorganisms including the mouth and skin. On our skin, we find a real small ecosystem of good bacteria which fight against the colonization of potentially pathogenic organisms, maintain an immune response as well as the skin barrier. The skin microbiota therefore plays an essential role in skin health and protects against certain infections such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne.

It is therefore important to take care of your skin microbiota because our lifestyle tends to attack this ecosystem and damage its balance. The skin can then become drier, resulting in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of its thinness, it is the area around the eyes that is the first victim of this phenomenon. An imbalance of the skin microbiota can even cause inflammation or even skin diseases!

The balance of the intestinal microbiota but also physical and mental health must also be taken into account. Everything that happens inside the body directly affects our skin. Many factors such as stress, lack of sleep or a poor diet are reflected in our appearance. According to the principles of holistic beauty, it is therefore essential to take care of your skin, body and mind!

How to take care of your microbiota?

To take care of your intestinal microbiota, it would suffice to consume ... living microorganisms! Don't worry, you're not being asked to eat little critters, but probiotics. When these microorganisms are administered in sufficient quantity, they restore the balance of the microbiota which will improve the health of the body and the skin. It is then possible to opt for food supplements based on probiotics to improve intestinal comfort, stimulate the immune systems, detoxify the body and the skin.

Probiotics work the same for the skin than for the digestive system. They balance the Ph, fight against bad bacteria, promote the growth of healthy bacteria to treat redness, rashes, acne, spots and even signs of fatigue and aging.

Scientists then worked on from skin care to probiotics to apply them directly to the skin! These products promise to revolutionize the world of beauty.

How does probiotic care work?

By directly balancing the skin microbiota, probiotic care strengthens the skin barrier, repairs tissues, reduces sensitivity, fights infections and free radicals. This prevents premature aging.

In her beauty routine, we then include biomolecules essential to the good health of her microbiome as vitamin E, fatty acids and other nutrients as well as whey. This liquid from casein, the milk protein, is known to be beneficial to the skin. Rich in amino acids, it prevents any type of inflammation, repairs and stimulates the skin deeply. Whey probiotics promote collagen production, maintain the elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, fight against the first signs of aging, especially in the area of the eyes where the skin marks faster. In addition, collagen stimulates the growth of hair and hair from our eyebrows for a dream mane and a falling bow!

This treatment routine fits perfectly into the skinimalism trend which consists not only of choosing better products but also of using less in order to abandon all unnecessary ingredients.

Where to find natural probiotics?

To boost the effectiveness of dietary supplements and probiotic care, it is essential to have a good lifestyle and a good diet. It is possible to combine the useful with the pleasant by consuming natural probiotics during meals. It is found in fermented cabbage and therefore in sauerkraut, honey, fermented soy, yoghurt, chicory, artichoke, leeks, garlic, onion and much more amazing, in wine! That's what's going to be a good excuse to have a drink!

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