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Article: Fine eyebrows, can they really go back to fashion?

Fine eyebrows, can they really go back to fashion?

Fine eyebrows were a must-have in the 1990s! If many women regret over-setting their bows, could the extra-fine hair lines come back to the front of the stage?

The well-thick, harmonious and well-defined eyebrows have tended since Cara Delevingne arrived and her pestful gaze on the podiums in the early 2010s. Since then, the ultra-fine eyebrows that have been extremely trending in the 1990s have made us squeak teeth or run away! Our bows are becoming more and more supplied but also more natural. From Lily Collins to Keira Knightley to Ashley Olsen, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lopez, the stars display thick, perfectly drawn lines that are integrally part of their signature look. And yet, the fine eyebrows seem to point the tip of their nose again. Could they really come back to fashion?

We have to see the emergence of the fine eyebrows of the nineties at Kevyn Aucoin, a very popular make-up artist in the 1990s. The latter invented the contouring or multicolored makeup but also and above all, the ultra-fine eyebrows first-treated by the most famous tops of the time: Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. Very soon, the most trendy women on the planet ran to their technician to display the beauty look of the two models as well. The tendency of fine eyebrows was born! Increasingly rare in the 2000s, she was completely sulky in recent years. In contrast, the nostalgia of the nineties keeps conquering the worlds of fashion and beauty. The brown lipstick, the blue eyelided fard, contrasting coloration but also more unexpected trends like mule cutting come back into force. Are the fine eyebrows ready to make their big return?

One of the most prominent models of the moment, Bella Hadid, has been bearing thin eyebrows for some time. According to her makeup artist, Erin Parsons, it softens her face. But be careful, Bella Hadid’s look is inspired by the nineties but with a small modern side very 2021. The top puts on a thinner line without it being too thin, as if it were drawn simply to felt or pencil. Should we immediately seize his grilling pinch to draw a finer bow? The answer is no!

Recently, another famous model, Hailey Bieber Baldwin, revealed that she regretted over-seating her eyebrows when she was a teenager as her line took years to push back."When I was a teenager, I too sprayed my eyebrows. I went through this phase where I thought a thin eyebrow was the way forward. So after I went through this, I let them thicken and I wasn’t really in shape. Once they came back, I started shaping them slowly." she entrusted to the American edition of the magazine She..

Make-up artist Erin Parsons is in favour of returning thinner eyebrows but especially not over-epilation. It recommends firstly to use makeup, in particular with the help of a anticerne or a corrector in order to draw his line to have an idea of the shape. Once this is suitable for us, it recommends not to spile the small hairs that exceed but to shave them. Thus, the hair follicle will not be damaged by the hair removal and the eyebrows will always grow back! Attention to microcutting during shaving, however, because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin. The makeup artist also advises to dye her eyebrows a lighter shade than her natural color in order to illuminate and soften the face.

If the fine eyebrows are gently on the way back, the thick and natural eyebrows do not intend to desert the world of beauty. On the contrary, they will always be as relevant in this year 2021. According to the predictions Pinterest based on the searches of Internet users, the eyebrows provided are always in the spotlight! They will always be more Provocative, Gothic eyebrows garner 120% of research, shaded eyebrows - 50%, coloured eyebrows - 35% and discoloured eyebrows observe a 160% increase in research.

Other beauty trends that are expected to mark the new year include the skinimalism which is to highlight the natural texture of your skin. The "effortless chic"as well as the "natural make-up for everyday"seem to be of interest to more and more Internet users. You will understand, to be "in" in 2021 you will have to opt for the natural!

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